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Cayman: National Museum Year in Review 2022

The Museum received a clean audit opinion for the 2021 fiscal year and submitted its Annual ReportThird party sales are showing gradual improvement due to the relaxation of COVID-19 travel restrictions; however, Management continues to employ various cost cutting efforts to restrain spending in other areas.
New Accessions for 2022For 2022, contemporary to 1950s philatelic, archival, and ethnographic objects were received. This included Souvenir programmes – CNCF’s Cayfest 2022, Miss Lassie, and Queen’s Jubilee. First Day Covers – HRH Prince Philip in Memoriam and Queen’s Birthday, and Queen’s 80th Birthday Pack; 1970s Hand Embroidered Pillow Cover. 
In Celebration of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee Exhibition at the Parliament Building – thru June 2022On 6 February 1952, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II acceded to the throne. On 6 February 2022, the Parliament in Cayman commemorated the 70th Anniversary of this event, and opened a special exhibition, “In Celebration of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee” which was created by a partnership of the Parliament, the National Museum and the National Archive. The exhibition continues through June 2022.
Wreck of the Ten Sail Live TourThe Cayman Islands National Museum (CINM) continued its contribution to Platinum Jubilee celebrations by hosting a tour of the newly-upgraded Wreck of the Ten Sail Park in East End Wednesday, 16 February. The event, live streamed on CINM’s Facebook page, coincided with both the 28th anniversary of the opening of the Wreck of the Ten Sail Park by Queen Elizabeth II (27 February 1994), and the 228th anniversary of the actual wreck, which happened 8 February 1794.
Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee Exhibition at the Old George Town Library – thru June 2022This National Museum Satellite Exhibition invited visitors to celebrate the life and service of the world’s longest serving monarch, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.Visitors could stroll through a portraiture study of The Princess of York’s early life, witness her 1952 Accession to the throne, and see a carefully curated selection of commemorative objects hailing Her Majesty’s reign. Hosted in the Old George Town Public Library, the ground level exhibition provided greater access to persons with temporary or permanent limited mobility.
Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture & Heritage Half-Year RetreatThe National Museum, Department of Sports, Youth Services Unit, National Gallery and Cayman National Cultural Foundation joined the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture & Heritage for its Half-Year Retreat at the Harquail Theatre. The day’s activities included workshops, special presentations, long service awards, and plans to function as a synergistic team for the remainder of 2022. Each Department gave overviews of the 1st and 2nd Quarters and upcoming plans.
Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth IIThe Cayman Islands National Museum joined the rest of the world in sending condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 08 September 2022. In February of 1994, we were honored to have Her late Majesty and husband, His late Royal Highness Prince Philip visit our institution. 
Miss Annie Huldah Bodden Animatronic RevealThe Cayman Islands National Museum unveiled its newest permanent exhibit featuring one of the Islands’ most iconic and admired figures. The opening of the life-like Miss Annie Huldah Bodden animatronic display was held on Thursday, 12 May, at the Old Courts Building. The unveiling event was attended by MP and Parliamentary Secretary Mr. Isaac Rankine, Board and Management of Water Authority – Cayman; Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture & Heritage representatives and CINM Board and Staff. Remarks were given by CINM’s Director, Dr. Peggy Leshikar-Denton, and Chairman of the Board Mr. Craig Merren, with a special presentation made to the Water Authority, which funded the animatronic.
International Museum Day – 18 May 2022The National Museum opened free to the public in celebration of International Museum Day. This year’s IMD theme was ‘The Power of Museums’ and our focus was on the power of innovating on digitalisation and accessibility through our Miss Annie Huldah Bodden animatronic. “Museums have become innovative playing-grounds where new technologies can be developed and applied to everyday life. Digital innovation can make museums more accessible and engaging, helping audiences understand complex and nuanced concepts” (IMD, 2022). 
Attending The Rock Retreat in GibraltarOur Marketing, Events & Design Coordinator, Brian Watler Jr. attended the first annual week-long Rock Retreat in Gibraltar. Workshops led by established publishers, authors and illustrators offered attendees professional insights in the world of Children’s Books. Brian was among 27 out of 80 applicants to be selected to attend. The Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture and Heritage and the National Museum sponsored Brian’s attendance to the retreat and are working with Brian and a team of writers and illustrators to produce children’s books on Cayman history and culture.
Museum Board and Staff complete Children Protection TrainingMuseum Board and Staff members completed the Darkness to Light (‘D2L’) Stewards of Children and MASH Child Protection training – equipping staff to better detect child abuse and report it to responsible authorities in the Cayman Islands. 
National Museum and Department of Tourism partnershipThe Cayman Islands National Museum, Department of Tourism and Tourism Attraction Board worked hard behind-the-scenes to install the new International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame exhibit at Pedro St. James. 
Museum Staff assist with 2022 Pirates Fest National Museum Staff worked with the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture & Heritage on this year’s Pirates Fest activities. Marketing, Events & Design Coordinator, Mr. Brian Watler Jr. provided design and social media assistance to the 2022 Pirates Fest committee. The Ministry’s focus for this year’s Festival is on Cayman Heritage and Culture. 
Looky Ya! Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee + Mango Season at the MuseumThe Cayman Islands National Museum partnered with the Ministry for Youth, Sports, Culture & Heritage to host the Looky Ya! Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee + Mango Season at the Museum on Saturday, 18 June 2022, Goring Avenue. The family-friendly event included an exciting Mango Eating & Peeling competition, stalls selling artisanal goods, local food, sweet treats and drinks with lively and colourful performances by the UCCI Pandemix Steelpan, Cayman Islands Folk Singers and the UCCI Dancers.Free admission to the museum allowed visitors to see its newest attraction, the recently unveiled Miss Annie Huldah Bodden animatronic, and a courtesy shuttle transported visitors to a satellite exhibition at the Old Library, which featured a portraiture study of the Princess of York’s early life.
Learning about Cayman Heritage at Immerse Summer Camp 2022!New and returning campers, aged 10-14, learned about Cayman Islands history and culture at our 2022 Immerse Summer Camp. Activities included visiting the QEII Botanic Park, Cayman Parrot Sanctuary, Pedro St. James Castle, Shipwrecks in the Semi-sub, kayaking in the mangroves, Cayman Islands Turtle Centre, Cayman Crystal Caves + visiting our Historic Sites! Other activities included expert talks on Cayman Orchids by Ms. Christine Rose-Smyth, Nassau Groupers by Mr. John Bothwell, and special thatch plaiting and net-making workshops by Ms. Carlene Carter, Ms. Marcie Hydes of West Bay and Mr. Jeralow Rankine of East End.
National Museum complete CPR TrainingThe Cayman Islands National Museum Staff attended CPR & First Aid Training at the Cayman Islands Red Cross and are CPR certified! 
National Museum Board and Staff have a RetreatThe Cayman Islands National Museum Board and Staff bonded in late August at its first Retreat with our new Board. Morning sessions were led by Ms. Annick Jackman of Caribbean Master Classes, creative lunch and snacks (using local produce) by Mrs. Lydia Ray, followed by a traditional net-making workshop with Mr. Jeralow Rankine of East End. Plans to have more retreats as well as strategic planning sessions are underway.
Pirates Fest VIP Reception at the MuseumThe Cayman Islands National Museum hosted His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Martyn Roper, Mrs. Roper, Government officials, Sponsors and other invited guests for a VIP reception at the Museum. With a great view from the Old Courts Building balcony, guests watched the Pirates Landing and Float Parade and enjoyed complimentary refreshments and drinks.
Looky Ya! Old Time Days Come Back Again – National Museum 32nd Anniversary CelebrationsThe Cayman Islands National Museum celebrated its 32nd Anniversary at its annual Looky Ya! Old Time Days Come Back Again – in partnership with the Ministry’s Pirates Festivities. Visitors could get their early Christmas shopping done and visit the From the Collection: Art Exhibition curated by Wray Banker, which opened to the public on the same day.
National Museum Board & Staff Christmas LunchOn 5th December, we honoured Dr. Peggy Leshikar-Denton for her many years of devoted service to the Cayman Islands National Museum and the preservation of the history of our three Islands. Many congratulations to Dr. Peggy on her upcoming, well-deserved retirement!
New Products in the Museum Gift ShopOur Visitor Services and Retail Officers, Deborah Maynard and Rebecca Moore, designed and developed new products for sale in the Museum Gift Shop – including patriotic ties, tote bags, towels, lamps, baby hats and more! Visit our Museum Gift Shop for your Christmas shopping!
New Maritime Heritage Signage in 2023Look out for our newly redesigned, durable, Maritime Heritage Trail signs to be fully installed in 2023! The Cayman Islands Maritime Heritage Trail was created to increase protection and appreciation for the Islands’ maritime heritage sites while providing enjoyment and education for the public. The Trail consists of a driving route around all three islands with stops marked by roadside signs.
“Caytharsis”: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Healing Through Cayman PoetryDr. Stephanie Fullerton-Cooper In light of the ongoing global pandemic, human trauma, and the resultant preoccupation with illness and the need for healing, the creative imagination of the Cayman writer continues to mirror this physical illness, offering catharsis through creativity. Cayman ‘illnesses’ are explored in the poems of three poets, Leonard Dilbert, Nasaria Suckoo Chollette, and JA Roy Bodden. Each poet uses his or her creative imagination to diagnose, treat, and heal Cayman’s historical, cultural, and socio-economic issues.Rewatch on YouTube 
The Discovery of Self Through the Empowerment from DanceDr. MoniKa LawrenceThe transformation and embodiment of self in all its forms, encompassing – personal confidence, definition, determination, and validation. Rewatch on YouTube
Creating a Space for Cayman Literature (in Cayman Classrooms)Dr. Stephanie Fullerton-Cooper This presentation focuses on the absence of Caribbean literature in the Cayman Islands’ classrooms, juxtaposed with a present-day study of short stories written by Caymanian, JA Roy Bodden. It highlights the very important messages within those writings, that are sadly being lost to too many Cayman students. The presentation explores this absence of a space for local literature, looking very closely at what existed approximately eight years ago, by undertaking analyses and putting forward explanations for this reality. Rewatch on YouTube
No Longer on Colonial Territory: Barbadian Republicanism and the Future of Caribbean NationalismDr. Livingston Smith (UCCI) The presentation examined the significance of this milestone for Barbados but within the broader context of the political evolution of the Anglo-phone Caribbean countries out of the colonial condition towards forging a Caribbean civilization. Special focus was placed on the nationalist agenda of Cayman’s Ormond Panton, and others, and what this might mean going forward. Rewatch on YouTube 
See Wha Ah Sayin?! Radio ShowsA light hearted look at Caymanian Language, Culture and History — happening every 3rd Friday of the Month. Tune In: 89.9 FM and 105.3 FM Listen online at *A partnership between Radio Cayman’s Sterling Dwayne Ebanks and the National Museum’s Wray Banker.
February 18, 2022Wreck of the Ten Sail  228 year anniversary of Cayman’s most famous shipwreck disaster.Guest: Dr. Peggy Leshikar DentonClick here to rewatchMarch 18, 2022Pedro St. JamesThe history and details surrounding one of the island’s oldest standing buildings.Click here to rewatch
April 29, 2022The Caymanian CatboatThe history and the evolution of the Caymanian Catboat.Guest: Mr. Jerris MillerClick here to rewatchMay 20, 2022Platinum JubileeThe 70 year anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II Coronation.Click here to rewatch
July 15, 2022DuppiesDUPPIES! Do you believe in duppies?? Duppy: Afro-Caribbean name for ghost or supernatural spirit.Guest: Nasaria Suckoo CholletteClick here to rewatchAugust 19, 2022Duppies 2DUPPIES 2 A continuation of the topic.Click here to rewatch
December 16, 2022
Doren Miller
All about the person and the life of this Cayman Radio pioneer.
Tune In: 89.9 FM and 105.3 FM Listen online at

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The National Museum bids farewell to Dr. Peggy Leshikar-Denton on her upcoming Retirement!

“Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to work with amazing staff. It was a pleasure having you Direct – we will miss you!” – Rebecca Moore

“It was a pleasure working under your Directorship for the last 7 years. Thank you for your service to our National Museum and these beautiful Cayman Islands. We will especially miss having you join us on our Immerse Summer Camp adventures.Take this time now to travel, explore and create new art. Have a Happy Retirement!” – Brian Watler Jr.

“Wishing you the best and enjoy your days of sleeping late,

Happy Retirement!” – Doss Solomon

“Good luck with your future, Peggy” – Wray Banker

“Peggy, I would like to thank you for bringing me into the museum family and allowing me to be a part of the team. You will be certainly missed and I hope you have a very stress free, relaxing and most of all enjoyable retirement. Thank you very much for being a great boss.” – Deborah Maynard

All the best, Dr. Peggy, on this next exciting chapter of your life!”

– Lidka Scott

“Best wishes for the future, Dr. Peggy!” – Basit Gondal

Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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