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Cayman National Bank Sprint Meet

bigsandlittlesStingray Swim Club’s domestic, short course season, started with a splash when swimmers stepped up on the blocks for the long distance Friday Night Lights and the fast and furious Cayman National Fall Sprint Meet.
Cayman National — a committed supporter of Cayman’s youth and of swimming in the Cayman Islands — was proud to see how Stingray is using their swim meet to develop its swimmers. “It is always a delight to see new swimmers — some of them as young as six years old — enjoying the sport and developing their skills.  In addition they also receive the time and attention of the club’s older swimmers; and they are encouraged to compete, even when they are uncertain. The guidance and tips they receive from the older swimmers whom they look up to presents a win-win situation for all,” said Shari Welcome, Marketing Manager of Cayman National.
Stingray’s Head Coach, David Pursley added, “It is important that our older swimmers take time to give back. Our “big” swimmers learn to mentor, to listen and to provide their young charge with support, encouragement and direction; while our “little” swimmers learn how to navigate a competitive swim meet, create bonds with older swimmers who can help and encourage them; and  have a fun, exciting, competitive swim experience.”
And, while the swim meets saw many swimmers “warming up for the season ahead,” one young swimmer — Corey Frederick-Westerborg — made his intentions to swim fast all season very clear with four new records:
Friday Night Lights on 30 September
– 11-12 Boys 400IM: 5:24.78
Lions Pool Record
– 11-12 Boys 200 Breaststroke:2:53.08
Stingray Swim Club Short Course, Lions Pool and CIASA and Cayman Islands National Records
Cayman National Sprint Meet on 1 October
– 11-12 Boys 100IM: 1:10.50
– Stingray Swim Club, Lions Pool, CIASA and Cayman Islands National Records
– 11-12 Boys 50 Breaststroke: 36.49
Stingray Swim Club, Lions Pool and CIASA and Cayman Islands National Records
High Points winners from the Cayman National Sprint Meet are: Girls 6&U Casey Coles (SSC) and Kacey Fagan (DMS); 7-8 Libby Lindley (SMS); 9-10 Harper Barrowman (SMS); 11-12 Stephanie Royston (SSC); 13-14 Alison Jackson (SSC) and 15&Over Sarah Jackson (SSC). Boys 7-8 Ben Coak (SMS); 9-10 Will Sellars (SMS); 11-12 Corey Frederick-Westerborg (SSC); 13-14 Zachary Moore (SSC) and 15&Over John Bodden (SSC).


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