August 18, 2022

Cayman National announces Interim Dividend

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screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-1-51-29-pmGeorge Town, Cayman Islands:   The Board of Directors of Cayman National Corporation Ltd. (CSX:CNC) KY are pleased to announce the payment of an Interim Dividend of 5 cents per share. This dividend will be paid to shareholders on Wednesday 12 October to shareholders of record as at 11 October 2016.

In confirming the payment of a dividend the Hon. Truman Bodden, OBE, Chairman of Cayman National said “the Directors are pleased that we are again in a position to reward our investors with a significant dividend payment. We are very conscious that for many of our investors, the majority of whom are Caymanians, the payment of a dividend is a significant issue.”

Mr. Dack, President and CEO said that “as reported in our Shareholder Reports, the last year or two have been challenging but Cayman National is now strongly profitable again. In particular Cayman National Bank is performing very well despite the continuation of low interest rates. At the end of the third quarter we published our results showing a Net Income of CI$9,309.098, and although our year-end results will not be published for some weeks we are pleased that good levels of profitability are being maintained.”

In its Interim Report, CNC said that the company expected to pay sensible dividends if the profitable trend continues.  Mr. Dack said, “We continue to work hard, and we anticipate that the positive trends will continue.”

About Cayman National

Established in 1974, Cayman National Corporation Ltd. is the largest financial services company based in the Cayman Islands, providing banking, trust and company management, fund administration, and wealth management services to clients locally and around the world, from the Cayman Islands, and the Isle of Man, with an office also in Dubai.  Cayman National is publicly traded on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange.

Cayman National comprises: Cayman National Bank Ltd., Cayman National Fund Services Ltd., Cayman National Securities Ltd., Cayman National Trust Co. Ltd., Cayman National Bank and Trust Company (Isle of Man) Limited, and Cayman National (Dubai) Ltd.

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