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George Town, Grand Cayman – 21 February 2024.

The Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing, Infrastructure, Transport & Development (PAHITD) is proud to announce that Mr. David Dixon, Director of the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing (DVDL), has been awarded the prestigious Deputy Governor’s Employee of the Month for December 2023. With an outstanding 45 years of dedicated service, Mr. Dixon’s commitment to excellence and exceptional leadership has set a benchmark for customer service excellence within the Civil Service.

Deputy Governor, Franz Manderson and Chief Officer, Eric Bush, joined by the senior leadership team at the Ministry of PAHITD, along with the full team at DVDL, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson expressed his admiration for Mr. Dixon’s exemplary service during the award ceremony. Chief Officer Eric Bush stated, “We are here today to celebrate Mr. Dixon for his distinguished career in public service and caring leadership. Mr. Dixon’s caring leadership is evident in his dedication to fostering talent development within the department.”

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson commended Mr. Dixon and the entire DVDL team for their commitment to excellence. He expressed gratitude to all employees for their support and collaboration, highlighting Mr. Dixon’s significant contribution to talent development within the Civil Service. Manderson noted, “When I received the nomination, choosing one person was difficult due to the exceptional nominations we receive. However, Mr. Dixon stood out for his outstanding work in talent development.”

Mr. Dixon’s recognition underscores the Civil Service’s values of customer service, talent development, communications, and good governance. Chief Officer Eric Bush highlighted Mr. Dixon’s exceptional achievement in talent development, citing his successful training and mentorship of deputy directors, which has empowered civil servants to pursue excellence in their own careers and have become senior leaders in their own right.

With a hands-on approach and a wealth of knowledge, Mr. Dixon has transformed DVDL into one of the top customer service departments in the government. Deputy Governor Manderson praised Mr. Dixon’s dedication, stating, “The work Mr. Dixon has done in talent development and transforming DVDL into a world-class department is truly commendable.”

The Deputy Governor’s Award Program recognizes civil servants who exceed expectations, and Mr. Dixon’s recognition for talent development reaffirms the Civil Service’s commitment to fostering growth and excellence. Mr. Dixon’s leadership serves as a shining example for all civil servants to emulate.

Please join us in congratulating Mr. David Dixon for his well-deserved recognition as the Deputy Governor’s Employee of the Month for December 2023.

About the Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing, and Infrastructure (PAHI):
Under the guidance of Hon. Minister Johany ”Jay” Ebanks, The Ministry of PAHI is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and economic prosperity of the Cayman Islands through comprehensive planning, sustainable agriculture, efficient housing solutions, and critical infrastructure development. Our mission is to create a resilient and thriving future for all residents and visitors.


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