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Cayman: Minister Bryan behind Youth Parliamentarians

Hon. Kenneth Bryan guides Youth Parliamentarians during a training session on 28th February.

(Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – Friday 10 March, 2023) The Minister for Tourism & Transport, Hon. Kenneth Bryan is offering his encouragement to the 26 Youth Parliamentarians set to debate in the House of Parliament during this Monday’s (13 March) Commonwealth Day activities.

“The Youth Parliamentarians are going to be debating two very serious topics on Monday; ‘Implementing a new public transportation system in the Cayman Islands’ and ‘Implementation of a Progressive Income Tax System in the Cayman Islands’.  With one of those topics being related to the area upon which I have responsibility in respect to the Ministry of Transport, I want to encourage the students and wish them good luck but I also want to congratulate them beforehand, for taking the step to be examples of what the future can be,” said Minister Bryan.

Minister Bryan is urging the public to participate as spectators of the event, “I encourage the listening audience to tune in to the Youth Parliament and the opening ceremony, if they can, and witness the quality of these young people who are conscious of the issues we are facing and can propose great ideas and solutions for us to consider. Hopefully we can find some workable conclusions from their debate on Monday,” he said.

As a member of the Youth Parliament Committee, Minister Bryan took time out of his schedule to work with the students recently, answering questions on parliamentary procedures and offering insight on how to bring a motion to the floor of the House. 

The 2023 Youth Parliament opening ceremony at the House of Parliament begins at 10:30 am on Monday, 13 March. The public can watch the proceedings on CIGTV and the Cayman Islands Government YouTube channel.


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