January 27, 2022

Cayman Islands: Z99/Anytime Fitness/Generali Worldwide Health Challenge

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unnamedNew Year’s Health Challenge

In 2015, Z99 approached Anytime Fitness to take part in a New Year’s Health Challenge.

Entries from hundreds of people were submitted to Z99 over a course of 2 weeks. Only 10 participants were chosen. Those 10 participants were then paired with one of our trainers for 4 weeks.

The goal was to have one winner, the one who made the most improvement not only in body fat but also in their fitness. The bigger question was….will that winner be able to beat Jason Howard from the Breakfast Buzz and lose more Body Fat? If so, they would be rewarded an additional $250!

A fit test was administered to each of the participants and Jason at the beginning and the end of the challenge.

They all met with their trainers once a week and were encouraged to attend the gym and classes, use Anytime Health and even partake in additional training sessions. They all received life style passes from sponsors each week.

The four weeks flew by. Everyone put in such hard work and even though we could only award one winner, every participant won in their own way and are continuing their fitness journey. Across the board there was weight loss, improvement in fitness, improvement in healthy eating habits and improvement in mood and mental health.

Ellie Cook was the winner of the challenge, although it was VERY close! She won $250, a life style package and a one year membership to Anytime Fitness. Was she able to beat Jason Howard…YES! Which means she also won an additional $250.

We are happy Ellie and the others will continue on their journey to get to a healthier place. After all, it is a lifestyle!

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