December 6, 2021

Cayman Islands YCLA individual finalists features

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This year’s gala event will be held on November 10th at the Kimpton Seafire to celebrate and honor this year’s YCLA 2018 Finalists – Kacey Mobley, Kimberley Conolly, Samuel Young, Staci Scott, and Wilbur Welcome. Tickets for the YCLA 2018 Gala Event are available but are selling out fast. The cost is $250 per person. Corporate tables of ten are also available for $2,500. The event is November 10, 2018, at the Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa. The theme is “It Takes a Village.” Doors open for the reception at 6 pm. At 6:45, doors are closed to accommodate the live telecast. Doors re-open after the broadcast for the remainder of the evening to celebrate.

If you wish to purchase tickets or tables for this year’s event, please contact Brianna at [email protected]

YCLA 2018 Finalist: Kacey Mobley

With the 2018 YCLA Gala Event coming up on November 10th, 2018, the Young Caymanian Leaders Foundation wanted to take the time to share more on each of our finalists – starting with Kacey Mobley!

Inspired by her Christian faith, Kacey is committed to cultivating a lifestyle of leadership, service, and mobilization with others to affect transformational change centered on social justice.

Equipped with a Master’s degree in Sociology and Bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Political Science, Kacey is dedicated to using her knowledge and experience to make a difference in our social problems. She believes that priority should be given to objective research projects that inform policy and multi-agency strategic intervention. Her commitment to excellence and evidenced-based work was reflected in the numerous academic accolades she received throughout her tertiary studies.

Kacey’s professional career has mainly been in the criminal justice and educational sectors. She has been employed as a proud civil servant for the past 5 years and is currently a Senior Probation Officer at the Department of Community Rehabilitation. In this capacity, she leads a large team of Probation Officers in delivering rehabilitative and intervention services to Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands. Envisioning a safer and healthier Caymanian community, the organization aims to reduce crime by working alongside justice-involved individuals, empowering them to make positive cognitive and behavioral Changes.

In addition to her professional service, Kacey is known for her active role in the community. She has served in strategic leadership roles with nonprofit organizations such as Let Me Live and Generation 4:12 which exist to empower youth and young adults. She also volunteered in various organizations focusing on child welfare and development. Her efforts have also extended to supporting numerous persons through crises locally; and providing international relief by traveling abroad in at least 16 mission trips.

Age: 28
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Political Science from Lee University; Masters of Science in Sociology from Florida State University
Employment: Senior Probation Officer with the Department of Community Rehabilitation
– Promoted to Senior Probation Officer quickly in her career. Co-led research study contributing to gender-specific services, leading major restructuring projects and assisting in the training of young Caymanians.
– Key leadership positions in Azalea Rehabilitation Home/Mentorship Programme, Let Me Live and Generation 4:12, as well as other organizations in the past.
– Participation in at least 16 mission trips (3 she co-organized/led) and completion of 6 months of missionary training in Mexico.
– Young Adult Representative for United Church Council Summit in 2015.
– Recipient of numerous scholarships, academic awards, and assistantships.

Advocacy: For Cayman to be a socially healthy country that sets an example of the world through it’s thriving individuals, families and communities, as a result of proactive and inclusive policies and community movement.

Core Message to the Youth: “Live as if you are loved and that others around you are loved. I know you may feel unsure about who you are, your place in the world and may feel insecure. But if you live from a place of knowing you are loved, you are free to explore, take risks and be yourself.”

Personal Interpretation of “It Takes a Village:” This well-known phrase speaks to the idea of a community uniting for a common purpose. It reminds me of the Cayman I knew growing up and the Cayman that we can still have, with a little more intentionality. As community members and leaders, it is imperative that we come together in grace, faith, and support to create effective positive change in our community. This includes having a spirit of inclusivity so that everyone in the “village” is valued and provided with a voice. For me, the heart of the concept “It Takes a Village” reminds me of a Zulu/African thought called Ubuntu which I discovered reading Desmond Tutu’s book ‘No Future Without Forgiveness’ some years ago. It means “My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in yours.” We belong in a bundle of life. We say, “A person is a person through other persons.” Based on this premise, every individual is vital and is as vital as the collective. Those who serve as leaders must, therefore, come together but most also unite with and empower the ones they are serving.

We are so proud to call Kacey Mobley one of our Finalists this year and can’t wait to celebrate her and the other four finalists at this year’s YCLA 2018 Gala Event!

YCLA 2018 Finalist: Kimberley Conolly

With the 2018 YCLA Gala Event coming up on November 10th, 2018, the Young Caymanian Leaders Foundation wanted to take the time to share more on each of our finalists – focusing on Kimberley Conolly today!

Kimberley Antonette Conolly is an author, entrepreneur and works full-time in the Tourism/Hospitality sector at The Renaissance as an Assistant Manager. Kimberley was the 2016 Cayman Islands Tourism Association Rising Star in Tourism, a 2016 Governor’s Conservation Award finalist and was honored as an Emerging Pioneer in Tourism on Heroes Day 2017. She was also the recipient of The Sinclair’s Group Young Entrepreneur of the Year Runner-Up Award 2016 for the business idea for The Wick Candles & Scents. She prides herself that the Company is about more than candles and generously gives back to the community through the Stuff the Bus school supply drive and community cleanups. The Company has graciously donated to The Breast Cancer Foundation, The National Trust for the Cayman Islands as well as the Clifton Hunter High School 2018 Leisure and Tourism Award package which included a scholarship.

Kimberley is very involved in the community and has volunteered for the National Drug Council, The Breast Cancer Foundation, Cayman Islands Tourism Association, CayFilm, Taste of Cayman and Chicago Cares to name a few. Annually, she invites students to the Stingray Awards and other tourism-related events to expose them to the benefits of being a part of the Tourism industry as a way of encouraging students to make the sector their preferred career choice. She is also Chairwoman for the KAC Foundation, a Community Enrichment Non-profit Organization aimed to tackle social issues such as Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and unemployment through awareness.

Lastly, she is an avid Toastmaster and currently serves as Area Director for clubs in Grand Cayman and Turks and Caicos. Through the Program, she has conducted Youth Leadership Programs and partnered with National Workforce Development Agency to provide public speaking and leadership training.

Age: 32
Degree: Hospitality Management at UCCI, Hospitality Management, and Revenue Management at Cornell University School of Hotel Administration
Employment: Assistant Manager and Renaissance Condo, Director at The Wick Candles & Scents, Owner at The Wick Travel Services
Published her first novel, the Harmonizing Truth, in 2018
Heroes Day Emerging Pioneer in Tourism in 2017
CITA Tourism Rising Star in 2016
Founder of the KAC Foundation (KAC means Kindness, Awareness Compassion) aimed to tackle Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Unemployment through awareness.

Advocacy: Protect and Prepare Our Children at All Costs

Core Message to the Youth: “Don’t keep up with the fashion and trends. Follow your dreams sooner rather than later. Life is unpredictable, and we can easily be here today and gone today (not just tomorrow). Whatever you decide to do, be excellent and pursue excellence.”

Personal Interpretation of “It Takes a Village:” It means everything to me. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for my village. They have clothed, fed, nourished and taught me so much. Coming from an abusive and broken home as a child I exhibited behavioral issues and thankfully they took me under their wings to guide and help me to realize all the potential I had. I am the person and leader I am today because of them. They were heaven sent.

We are so proud to call Kimberley Conolly one of our Finalists this year and can’t wait to celebrate her and the other four finalists at this year’s YCLA 2018 Gala Event!

YCLA 2018 Finalist: Samuel Young

With the 2018 YCLA Gala Event coming up on November 10th, 2018, the Young Caymanian Leaders Foundation wanted to take the time to share more on each of our finalists – focusing on Samuel Young today!

By way of background, Samuel Young graduated from John Gray High School (where he won the Governor’s Achievement Award) and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from UCCI. Samuel now owns and operates the leading gym in the Cayman Islands, World Gym, which in 2018 had its most successful year in the last 30 years. Samuel seeks to consistently add value to the lives of his clients and his staff members by running a successful business that empowers the community through health and fitness.

In this spirit, this year Samuel donated over CI$14,000 in the form of sponsored gym memberships for local charitable organizations together with providing gym equipment to a local prison for the betterment of the lives of inmates. Samuel constantly seeks to improve and grow himself and those around him. He refuses to live a life of complacency or stagnancy and believes in using all his abilities in the service of others. Samuel has various athletic accomplishments including winning the Pirates’ Week Mud Run on three occasions and he is the first trained triathlon coach in the Cayman Islands.

Age: 30
Degree: Bachelors of Science in Accounting from University College of the Cayman Islands
Employment: Managing Director of World Gym
1st Trained Triathlon Coach in the Cayman Islands
Winner of Pirates’ Week Mud Run on three occasions
Governor’s Achievement Award in 2006

Advocacy: For more Caymanian youth to utilize health and fitness to build their self-belief in themselves which will not only impact their personal life but their professional life as well.

Core Message to the Youth: “The only way to succeed in life is with self-belief and determination. Believe in yourself. You are responsible for your life and your own fate, and by believing in yourself and working hard, you can overcome any struggle or pressure that comes your way.”

Personal Interpretation of “It Takes a Village:” To me, the phrase means that it takes an entire community of different people interacting with a child in order for a child to learn and grow in a safe environment. Such interactions are vast and varied in terms of frequency and depth, but they are all equally as important as we never know what impression or impact we have upon youth. One method of building self-belief is through the involvement of youth in athletic activities and I seek to act as a conduit between youth and fitness in the Cayman Islands.

We are so proud to call Samuel Young one of our Finalists this year and can’t wait to celebrate him and the other four finalists at this year’s YCLA 2018 Gala Event!

YCLA 2018 Finalist: Staci Scott

With the 2018 YCLA Gala Event coming up on November 10th, 2018, the Young Caymanian Leaders Foundation wanted to take the time to share more on each of our finalists – focusing on Staci Scott today!

Staci Scott is a young Caymanian professional with a passion for lifelong learning and a fierce belief in the great potential of Caymanian youth. A native of Cayman Brac, Staci graduated summa cum laude from Elon University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting in May 2013, where she received an award in recognition of having attained the highest grades within her major.

Staci is a Certified Public Accountant (North Carolina, USA) and is currently an audit manager at KPMG within the asset management practice. In 2016, she also completed a secondment at KPMG’s New York City office, which enabled her to gain international experience. At KPMG, Staci has served as an active member of both the Scholarship and Corporate Citizenship Committees since 2014. As a member of the Scholarship Committee, she acts as a mentor and resource for young Caymanians within the firm, guiding them as they progress through the scholarship program and as new employees. As a part of the Corporate Citizenship Committee, Staci has organized Christmas donation drives and various other projects within the Cayman community and is a part of the Committee subgroup focused on lifelong learning.

Since returning home from university 5 years ago, Staci has seized every opportunity to make a difference in the learning and lives of students within Cayman. She has volunteered with KPMG and Literacy is for Everyone’s Paired Reading program at Red Bay Primary School, is a mentor to A-level and university students through Cayman Finance, and has taught high school students money management and career skills through Junior Achievement’s Economics for Success program. She has also taught local bachelor’s and master’s degree students analytical and presentation skills through KPMG’s Ace the Case business skills course. She is a mentor with 100 Women in Finance’s NextGen mentorship program and is also a “big sister” or lifelong mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters in Cayman.

In September 2017, Staci was honored to receive the Cayman Islands Institute of Professional Accountants’ first Rising Star Award in recognition of her career achievements to date as well as her community impact.

Age: 26
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Elon University
Employment: Audit Manager in Asset Management at KPMG Cayman Islands
— 2017 Recipient of the Cayman Islands Institute of Professional Accountant’s Rising Star Award
— Graduated from Elon University summa cum laude, having attained a 3.94 GPA (4.0 scale)
— Received the Academic Excellence Award in Accounting from Elon University’s Love School of Business in recognition of demonstrating superior academic achievement and possessing the potential for intellectual and professional growth
— Achieved an average score of 90 on the U.S. Certified Public Accountant exams, passing all four exam sections within four weeks
— Developed a pen pal program between year 5 and 6 students in Cayman and their counterparts in South Africa to promote literacy and cultural awareness, and was awarded a trip to partner with the Restless Development organization in Uganda as a result. In Uganda, Staci provided accounting software and finance training to the organization’s employees

Advocacy: Lifelong learning through mentorship

Core Message to the Youth: “You can do anything and never stop learning. The tendency in Cayman is to believe that we’re limited here because we’re so small, but the opposite is true. There are so many amazing organizations in our community who are committed to making great things happen for you, our youth. With our community’s help and your determination, you can do anything you put your mind to. So keep learning and keep trying.”

Personal Interpretation of “It Takes a Village:” The theme/phrase “It Takes a Village” highlights one key truth to me: that we are all interdependent and made better for it. We all have different skills, interests, and strengths and have the responsibility to use them to make a positive difference in our community and, specifically, to our young people. Cayman perhaps isn’t a “village” in the usual sense, but the ethos is the same – we are a small community and the mentorship of our youth and success of our country depends on all of us. We all have a part to play in ensuring that the young people of Cayman are nurtured and supported no matter their personal circumstances and that the things we hold dear – faith, culture, family, among others – are preserved.

We are so proud to call Staci Scott one of our Finalists this year and can’t wait to celebrate her and the other four finalists at this year’s YCLA 2018 Gala Event!

YCLA 2018 Finalist: Wilbur Welcome

With the 2018 YCLA Gala Event coming up on November 10th, 2018, the Young Caymanian Leaders Foundation wanted to take the time to share more on each of our finalists – focusing on Wilbur Welcome!

Wilbur Welcome is a Senior Policy Analyst in the Ministry of Financial Services and is happily married to Shari Welcome. Prior to joining the Ministry Wilbur held the position of Senior Analyst at the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. Wilbur is originally from Bodden Town, and now resides in the peaceful district of East End and is an active member of the William Pouchie Memorial United Church, in North Side. He is an Elder and Treasurer of the William Pouchie Memorial United Church; he also serves as the Sunday school superintendent, co-founder and program coordinator of the Anchors Christian Boys Club, member of New Direction Male Choir, and an executive on the Men’s Fellowship of the William Pouchie Memorial United Church. He is also an alumnus of the Chamber of Commerce Leadership Cayman program.

Throughout his life Wilbur has demonstrated strong community spirit, assisting with Vacation Bible School and sports days under the United Church, and participated in national and local club football. His interests include farming, fishing, travel, sports, photography, the arts, and history. Wilbur holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting with a concentration in Finance from North Carolina State University and earned his MBA at Campbell University.

Age: 34
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Accounting from North Carolina State University, Masters of Business Administration from Campbell University
Employment: Senior Policy Analyst with the Cayman Islands Government Ministry of Financial Services and Home Affairs
Helped lead the passage of all Non-Profit Organisations Law 2017 and other financial services related laws and regulations iin the Cayman Islands
Co-founder and Program Coordinator of the Anchors Christian Boys Club at William Pouchie Memorial United Church
An alumnus of the Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program
Former member of the Cayman Islands Football National Team

Advocacy: “I am My Brothers Keeper” – we should all strive to have care and compassion for each other despite our differences.

Core Message to the Youth: “First and foremost, be yourself. While it is good to have positive role models, it is also important to find out what you like and who you are instead of trying to be what’s popular. Also, have compassion for each other. Despite someone being different, we all have feelings and issues that we are facing. Take the time to look out for each other and understand each other’s circumstances and position while also maintaining a common respect for one another.

Personal Interpretation of “It Takes a Village:” Historically in the Cayman Islands the phrase ‘it takes a village’ related to the raising of a child. However, based on my experience it takes a village is applicable to all parts of society. It takes a village to, among other things: reduce crime, promote social harmony, eradicate inequality, and protect our environment. It takes a village, to me, simply means that if we all work together for each other and for the greater good we can achieve great things for the entire country and the world.

We are so proud to call Wilbur Welcome one of our Finalists this year and can’t wait to celebrate him and the other four finalists at this year’s YCLA 2018 Gala Event!

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