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Cayman Islands: The RCIPS partners with PoCs to strengthen customer service and management skills across the service


The recruit class discusses an example case with presenter, Peter McLoughlin of the Office of the Ombudsman

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the Portfolio of the Civil Service to provide learning and development opportunities to its officers and civilian staff in the areas of customer service, leadership and management.

This initiative reflects the  RCIPS’ commitment to the wider civil service vision of becoming world class, and to the mission of improving the lives of those it serves. As such, the RCIPS believes that providing excellent customer service is an objective for the whole organization and not just for officers on the front line.  All officers and staff of all ranks and grades will be required to participate in a customer service workshop that will be offered several times over the course of the coming year, until all RCIPS employees have completed it.

The recruit class along with presenters from PoCS, the ODPP, Office of the Ombudsman, and Supt. Robert Graham

“It is a known fact that providing outstanding customer service during police interactions with the public builds trust and confidence in the police overall,” said Derek Byrne, Commissioner of Police.  “It also aids in the prevention, detection and reporting of crime, and in turn enables the more effective deployment of what are limited police resources.

Peter Gough of PoCS, Dennis Walkington of the ODPP, & Peter McLoughlin of the Office of the Ombudsman attended the session

“Therefore, providing good customer service must become an integral part of what we do as a police service, and I have made it one of the top priorities for the RCIPS.”

In fact, one group of officers has already participated in this customer service workshop: The trainees of the first 2019 recruit class completed the workshop on Wednesday, 27 February, as part of their initial training. Going forward, customer service training will form part of the curriculum of the training course for all new recruits.

A group of recruits discuss an example case.

As part of these overall customer service improvement efforts, the RCIPS will be locating “Happy or Not” kiosks in the George Town Police Station and Bodden Town Police Station to obtain regular feedback from members of the public who visit either station, and to chart progress on the quality/professionalism of service delivered.

PoCs will also be assisting the RCIPS in strengthening the leadership and management skills of its staff, which are also critical to the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall police service. The acquisition of a Leadership and Management Certificate has been established as a new requirement for all promotions within the RCIPS to management positions in the future. This certificate is an internationally recognized qualification awarded by the Institute of Leadership and Management.  PoCs will begin workshops to obtain this certificate in March 2019 for RCIPS employees and other interested members of the wider civil service.


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