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Cayman Islands: School buses and other road safety tips

Schools across the Cayman Islands have just completed their first month of the fall term; most motorists have noticed a tremendous increase in traffic around the island, especially in the before- and after-school hours.  Police have noticed and received reports of some dangerous behaviour on the road, especially around school buses.

The RCIPS would like to remind the public of the law when sharing the roadway with school buses, and also share other tips motorists may find useful when travelling on the roadway during the morning traffic.

–          When a school bus makes a stop to pick up or drop off a passenger, vehicles travelling behind the school bus, or in oncoming traffic, must stop and allow passengers to cross.   Only after the school bus has withdrawn its stop sign and started driving again may other drivers then continue on their way. Failure to provide ample clearance to a school bus is a ticketing offense under the traffic law with a fine of $150. Officers will be on the lookout for violators of this law, as this is serious public safety risk and poses a danger to children.

–          Overtaking on the inside (on the right side) is an offence under the law and is considered to be careless driving. Persons convicted of such an offense may face up to 1 year’s disqualification from driving and up to $1000 in fines.  Motorists have been observed overtaking on the inside to maneuver around school buses.

–          School zones are in full effect during the prescribed times and motorists are being asked to take care when driving in these areas. The speed in each school zone is 15 miles per hour and the penalty for violating this law is $40 for every 1 mile over the limit you drive.  If the speed you are driving exceeds $500 or doubles the speed limit, violators will be sent to court and face possible disqualification from driving and an appropriate fine for the offence.

–          Remember that there is an increase of traffic on the roadway, so ensure that you leave home early enough so that you can avoid being late.

The RCIPS is imploring that the public adhere to these rules and tips that have been set out to ensure the safety of our children. If you have any questions regarding this or any other topic or if you wish to submit a tip or information on violators of these road rules, follow this link and submit feedback to us .


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