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Cayman Islands residents commit to Chamber’s updated environmental pledge

The Chamber of Commerce participated in Caribbean Utility Company’s (CUC) ‘Energy Efficiency Forum & Fair’ on Saturday, June 3 where they presented their updated Environmental Pledge.

First introduced in 2007, the Pledge encourages businesses, schools and community members to preserve and protect our environment, and commit to reducing waste, conserving energy, recycling, and implementing greener ways of living.

The Pledge had remained unchanged for some time, but thanks to the work of the Chamber’s Community and Membership Development Committee, it was updated to be more relevant to the current day.

Chamber CEO, Wil Pineau was present for the fair held at the Family Life Centre and he spent the day explaining the Pledge to visitors and encouraging them to commit to living greener.

“Residents of the Cayman Islands have an obligation to protect the environment for future generations,” said Mr. Pineau. “We are also one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, so the protection of our environment is of the utmost importance.”

Mr. Pineau ran out of Pledges for people to sign, as all 50 copies he had taken along with him were filled out.

“It was very encouraging to see,” he said. “The support for the Pledge was overwhelming and the Chamber is very excited to spread the word and have even more people commit to living in a more eco-friendly manner.”

The Environmental Pledge gives both individuals and businesses as a whole opportunities to show their support. Amongst the options for living greener include the use of reusable cloth bags over plastic bags, using reusable containers for food items, turning off the faucet whilst brushing your teeth, using renewable forms of energy, and much more.

The updated Environmental Pledge will soon be available to view online, and visitors will even be able to commit to the pledge online by selecting what actions they will take to live more efficiently.



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