February 1, 2023

Cayman Islands resident reggae artist Tommy Tee brings powerful message

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The music of reggae artist Tommy Tee brings a powerful message of positivity to fans of international music!

A native of Jamaica and resident of the Cayman Islands, reggae artist Tommy Tee creates music that is suitable for all ages. His blend of quality reggae with pop tendencies is all about making people happy and inciting positive social change. It is through his art that he highlights his unique cultural upbringing and musical influence.

Cayman Islands – Wade Thompson, who performs under the name Tommy Tee, was born in St. Catherine, Jamaica. It was there that, at a young age, he developed a passion for entertaining crowds through reggae music. It didn’t take long for Tommy Tee to realize that his dream was to craft timeless music able to reach a wide spectrum of listeners, or in other words, to simply create good music.

With his unique blend of pop and reggae, Tommy Tee hopes to use his story of success and dedication to uplift those in need. From his home town in the Cayman Islands, Tommy Tee is a department manager for a grocery store chain, a job in which he takes pride and works to fund his artistic passion. Though often faced with financial boundaries, he has managed to achieve artistic success despite adversity. In his free time writing music, and perfecting his craft is achieved persistently. With support from his fans and other professional musicians, Tommy Tee hopes that music will someday serve as his sole focus in his career.

His latest album, “Music For The Soul”, was released in May 2012 and contains the single “Good Girl”. The track was featured on the Radio Now! Vol. 18, a compilation album released by the independent music label 3000 Records. With a little faith and discipline, he continues to write his own music that is carefully engineered to breathe positive vibes into the minds of individuals of all ages.

Understanding that social media plays an important role today in becoming a successful musician, Tommy Tee is an active member of numerous social networks on which he shares his music. The album “Music For The Soul” and the single “Good Girl” are available on iTunes, Facebook, and Tommy Tee’s YouTube page www.youtube.com/watch?v=apkb–Y20bo#t=32, as well as his page on Reverb Nation page reverbnation.com/tommyteemusic.

Additional Contact:

T.D. Schemansky

3000 Records

P.O. Box 285

Fenton, MI 48430

[email protected]

(586) 480-3000

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