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Cayman Islands PTB warns vehicle owners on being compliant on offering transportation services to the public

carsharing_open_windowsFrom Cayman Islands Ministry of District Administration of Tourism & Transport

PTB Cautions Drivers On Compliance

Drivers who sign up to provide ride-sharing services and do not have a permit to do so, are breaking the Law.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (26 September, 2016) The Public Transport Board (PTB) is urging vehicle owners to ensure they are in full compliance with the Traffic Law before offering transportation services to the public.

This appeal to drivers comes in the wake of reports of a new company that is encouraging vehicle owners to sign up to provide shared ride transportation to the public.

Mrs. Rosa Harris, Chair of the Public Transportation Board confirmed that the proposed new service is a concern that could place unsuspecting vehicle owners on the wrong side of the law. “From a compliance perspective, the Traffic Law provides a level playing field that applies to all companies and individuals that provide transportation services to the public,” she said.

“The Law clearly stipulates that all Public Transport Operators must be regulated by the Public Transport Board and requires persons who wish to operate any form of Public Transport service to submit an application and be vetted by the PTB. Once approval has been granted by the Board, the applicant would then be issued with a taxi or omnibus permit to provide the corresponding service. “If you do not have a permit from the PTB you are not allowed to pick up paying passengers,” stated Mrs. Harris.

Information on the proposed new Company’s website claims it is not a taxi service, and that
it connects users with willing members using an app and smartphone application. However, in keeping with the Traffic Law, drivers who sign up to provide ride-sharing services and do not have a permit to do so, are breaking the Law.

Commenting on the potential impact to the tourism industry, Hon. Moses Kirkconnell, Minister for Tourism & Transport explained “Taxi drivers and tour operators play a key role in the provision of a safe, efficient and reliable transportation system that is designed to meet the business and recreational needs of the community.”

“In addition to providing transportation from point A to point B, taxi drivers also act as frontline tourism ambassadors and greatly contribute to a visitor’s first and last impression of our Islands. Technology based systems which connect ride-seekers with private vehicle

owners looking to make a quick buck are a concern from a regulatory standpoint and raise questions about passenger safety, the adequacy of insurance coverage and the quality of service,” he noted.

In an effort to provide convenient and effective services, public transportation needs are continually assessed and revised when an increase is deemed to be warranted based on demand. Persons who wish to apply for a public transportation permit should contact the PTB at 946-1323 for further information.


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