August 10, 2020



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From The Progressives 2017 Manifesto


The current system of accessing healthcare and health insurance needs reform. Private sector insurance providers too often treat our older persons and those with long term conditions unfairly, either charging them unaffordable premiums or denying them coverage all together. These vulnerable members of our community are the very people who need reliable, affordable coverage the most.

We also recognise that the provides quality healthcare and is a vital national asset. But costs to provide health care, including tertiary health care, are continuing to rise.
The Cayman Islands is also home to world class, affordable, healthcare provision at Health City Cayman Islands and more needs to be done to ensure Caymanians can access those services.
The next will engage a private sector partner to work with Government to reform the HSA and deliver both better health outcomes and lower costs.

We will also ensure more Caymanians with serious illnesses or in need of tertiary care can benefit from the services available at Health City Cayman Islands in preference to travelling overseas at more cost. Driving down medical costs should allow Insurance companies to lower insurance premiums.

The next Progressives Government will also ensure Caymanians have access to better care by introducing reforms of the health insurance market to ensure everyone can access appropriate coverage at a fair price.

We will increase the public’s options for health and property insurance by allowing to provide health insurance and property insurance policies to the general public. will be adequately capitalised and receive the necessary expertise and resources to provide these services.

A new Progressives will also:
• Continue to focus on prevention of serious health issues through public education, including in schools and in healthy lifestyles amongst our people.
• We will examine options available to ensure senior citizens receive affordable health insurance after they retire. This is the time they are most in need of affordable health insurance yet more often than not it is not available to them.
• Ensure that no one is denied insurance cover because of pre- existing conditions.
• Utilise Government’s new procurement systems, including reverse auctions, to obtain the best pricing on drugs and medical equipment. This will ensure that patients pay the lowest cost possible.
• Adequately capitalise CINICO and provide it with expertise and resources to professionally manage a portfolio of Health and Property Insurance.
• Construct the much needed Mental Health facility, preliminary work of which was started this term.


Living on three small islands, we are vulnerable to the impact of climate change, our generation of Caymanians has a special responsibility to manage our marine, natural, and built environment for our benefit and the benefit of future generations.

In a new term, the Progressives will:
• Complete a new Integrated Solid Waste Management System that includes recycling, composting, ongoing tyre shredding, and
a waste to energy plant. This remains a key priority for a Progressives Government.
• Continue efforts to preserve beach access rights on behalf of Caymanians.
• Continue a focus on conservation and the environment whilst recognizing the need for conservation and development to not be viewed as conflicting goals. It is imperative that they must co-exist.
energy and Green jobs in line with the requirements and goals of our National Energy Policy.


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