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FURTHER UPDATE: Cayman Islands police respond to serious incident involving child


Further Update: 26 November 2018

The 26-year-old man of Bodden Town, who was arrested in relation to the below incident, has been formally charged with Attempted Murder and Cruelty to a Child. He is appearing in court this morning, 26 November.


UPDATE 22 November 2018

Just after 6PM yesterday 21 November, police received a direct report from a member of the public that a child had possibly been buried alive at a residence in Bodden Town, and that police were immediately required at the location.

Bodden Town officers urgently responded to the location, notifying the 9-1-1 Communications Centre en route, and requesting the immediate dispatch of an ambulance and supporting units to the location.

The Bodden Town officers were first at the scene and recovered a three-year-old child from the premises, who was distressed and had difficulty breathing. The officers risk-assessed the situation and took the child by police vehicle from the location to meet the ambulance en route.  A Firearms Response Unit with a trained tactical medical officer and medical equipment had also been dispatched to the call and met the Bodden Town officers in the Savannah area.  Emergency treatment was administered and the child was given oxygen until the ambulance arrived.

EMS then transported the child to the Cayman Islands Hospital for further medical treatment. The child is now believed to be in a stable condition. 

A 26-year-old-man of Bodden Town was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and remains in police custody.

Police Respond to Serious Incident Involving Child, 21 November



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