May 11, 2021

Cayman Islands police hosts Inter-Agency Counterterrorism Workshop, 4-6 December

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The first Cayman Islands International Counterterrorism Workshop was held on Grand Cayman from 4-6 December 2018. This was facilitated by instructors from the National Counterterrorism Center with support from US Treasury Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

The principal aim of the workshop was to share expert knowledge and experiences involving counterterrorism and to have a cohesive national counterterrorism strategy that protects against the threat of terrorism and other violent extremism from a multi-agency approach.

In attendance were key personnel from a wide spectrum of agencies that have a key role to play in any counterterrorism strategy.  These agencies included: Customs and Immigration, the 911 Emergency Communications Centre, Hazard Management Cayman Islands, the Cayman Islands Fire Service, the Health Services Authority, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Cayman Islands Airports Authority, the General Registry and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

The instructors were joined by personnel from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Foreign Commonwealth Office, United States Southern Command and the Jamaica Defence Force.

Detective Inspector Eustace Joseph, who was one of the organizers, said, “This workshop not only presented real-time scenarios, possibilities and challenges, but also the importance of networking with the various agencies locally and internationally.”

Deputy Collector of Custom Mr. Jeff Jackson, who was also one of the participants, thanked the instructors and all the other participants for making the workshop a success and equipping law enforcement and partner agencies to better coordinate a national strategy to ensure public safety.

Deputy Commissioner Anthony Ennis, who opened the workshop and delivered closing remarks, explained that while the Cayman Islands might be viewed as low risk; this is what makes it equally vulnerable.

“As a British overseas territory and with the vast majority of our visitors originating from the USA, as well as significant American interests domiciled within the territory, a cohesive national counterterrorism strategy is critically vital in coordinating resources and sharing intelligence among key agencies,” said Deputy Commissioner Ennis. “This will enable us to ensure the safety of our visitors and communities.”

The Cayman Islands International Counter Terrorism Workshop was hosted by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service and sponsored by the United States Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica.

A plaque that recognizes the partnership between the Cayman Islands Law enforcement community and the US Federal law enforcement agencies was presented by the lead instructor.

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