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Cayman Islands police & Black Pearl Skate Park youth outreach initiative resumes

This past Saturday, 24 February, the RCIPS Community Policing Department along with the Cayman Islands Skateboard Association and Hurley’s hosted an afternoon of fun and games for kids at the Black Pearl Skate Park.

The event was open to children from age 5 to 17 and included free admission to the park, free rental of equipment, and free refreshments. The admission and rentals were provided by Mr. Michael Myles of the CI Skateboard Association, while refreshments were provided by Hurley’s. Free transportation to and from the park was also provided for those who needed it by Mr. Myles.

Over 20 kids from George Town and Bodden Town attended and were able to enjoy the park while interacting with the Community Officer for Prospect, PC Chris Donaldson, who helped organize the event. The children also participated in a one-on-one basketball competition with the winner being given a scooter that was donated by Mr. Myles. In a gesture of goodwill, the winning child gave his scooter to the child he had been playing against.

“The partnership between the RCIPS, Black Pearl Skate Park, our children and families is critical to the harmony of our country,” said Mr. Myles. “I applaud the RCIPS for making every effort to build better relationships with our children in a compassionate and caring way.  We encourage our community to get involved in mentoring a child.  The impact of this is incredible and life-changing.”

This event is a continuation of the initiative which was launched in February of 2017 and aims to foster closer ties between the RCIPS and youth in the community. It will be hosted once per month up until July.

“These kinds of positive interactions with children and their families are an important part of community policing, and help children view the police as approachable people who are dedicated to their safety,” said Inspector Courtney Myles of the Community Policing Department. “We are extremely grateful to our partners at the Black Pearl Skate Park and Hurley’s for their support in making this first Saturday a success and are excited to see this initiative continue over the coming months.”

The RCIPS and Black Pearl Skate Park youth outreach initiative continues on 31 March, 28 April, 26 May, 30 June, and 28 July.




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