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Cayman Islands’ ‘Pirates Against Plastic’ campaign is ramping up

From Cayman islands Tourism Attraction Board

We have a few exciting updates to share!

As the Pirates Week Festival plans start to ramp up, we are also getting ready for our #PiratesAgainstPlastic campaign!

Our sub-theme for the festival this year (in addition to celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Coat of Arms), is “Celebrating the Seas!”, which is aimed at raising awareness on how we can reduce the use of single-use plastic at our national festival, and promote mindfulness on how we can keep our oceans clean both for our health, and for the survival of marine life.

Normal plastics take up to 400 years to degrade, and Styrofoam never degrades (facts that are not widely known).

We also would love for other large festivals in Cayman to follow suit, and implement biodegradable disposable food items in their food courts  (Taste of Cayman, Kaaboo).

Some projects we have put in place so far:

– All Food Vendors have been formally requested to use biodegradable food containers and cutlery at the PW Festival Food Courts (prize for the most eco-friendly vendor)

– We have ordered bagasse (sugarcane based) food containers, and cornstarch cutlery, which the vendors can purchase from us at an affordable rate (all in stock at the PW Gift Shop)

– We have created a Voluntourism Beach Clean Up event, for which visiting pirates and tourists can participate in, and make an impact on our environment while vacationing (see attached poster) – Nov 12, 8am – 11am, free breakfast and transport, at Barkers Beach

– All bars will be free of plastic straws, and will have biodegradable cups (thanks to Monster Media)

– Teamed up with Plastic Free Cayman to host a Public Beach Clean Up (for all residents) – Nov 10, 8am – 10am, at Barkers Beach, Kitesurfing location

– We have ordered reusable, custom-branded steel mugs, which people can purchase at the Pirates Week Office Gift Shop, and use throughout the festival, including the bars – keeps your drinks cool, and no need to use plastic!

– Eliminated all plastic bags from the PW Gift Shop (as well as Pedro Castle and the Botanic Park)

There sure is a long way to go, but this is a good start. We want this initiative to be part of our festival for future years to come, especially in the food courts, as that is where most of our single-use plastic is used each year.

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  1. Great news.

    I think the styrofoam food containers should be a top priority Island wide. When doing a beach clean I’ve seen first hand how that stuff just breaks into smaller and smaller pieces (thank you Dart).


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