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Cayman Islands Hospital Paediatric Unit thanks Cayman Airways for donation of iPads

Cayman Airways Ipad Donation to Paediatric unitFive (5) gently used iPad’s, initially used by Cayman Airways pilots as Electronic Flight Bags, are now enjoying lighter duties in little hands on the Paediatric Unit at the Cayman Islands Hospital.
The iPads were presented by Cayman Airways representative Mr. Juan Valerio, Supervisor of Technical Publications at Cayman Airways. “The Paediatric Unit was chosen for this donation because we wanted to ensure the young patients on the unit are kept entertained and informed” Mr. Valerio said.
Mr. Juan Valerio stated that the idea was born when a member of the Cayman Airways team visited a patient in the unit and identified that there was only a television available in the play area. Knowing that the iPad’s were available he suggested these be donated to the unit as added entertainment for the kids.
Nurse Manager Gill Barlow of the Paediatric Unit in expressing her thanks stated that in addition to providing entertainment for the young patients, the iPads will be used as a vehicle to explain therapies and pre-operative procedures. Thanks to Cayman Airways, the iPads have been reset with age appropriate games installed. The Paediatric unit will also be installing age appropriate applications relating to various aspects of the human body and informational pre-operative videos relating to clinical procedures. “Having the iPads will allow our children to be entertained with things that are familiar as they prepare for surgery or receive the treatments they need” Nurse Barlow said.
Cayman Islands Hospital CEO, Lizzette Yearwood in acknowledging the donation thanked Cayman Airways for their continued support and stated that the iPads will be put to good use and will be of benefit to the children who are admitted to the Paediatric Unit.
Cayman Airways is very pleased that the iPads will provide a positive distraction when needed and also provide an educational component for the children.


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