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Cayman Islands: HIV/AIDS Data as of 30th November 2014

aidsThe first documented Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) diagnosis in the Cayman Islands was in 1985.

From 1985 to 30th November 2014, 123 people were diagnosed with HIV and of these 72 were also diagnosed with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

Of the 123 people with HIV, 43 were reported to have died and 80 people were believed to have been alive at 30th November, 2014. Eighteen of these were stated to have left the Islands or temporarily off Islands. Hence there are presently 62 persons living with HIV in the Cayman Islands.

Statistics tells us that 21.1% of HIV patients were diagnosed at the age of 25-29 years, followed by 17.1% at 35-39 years of age, and 13.8% at 30-34 years of age. There was one reported case diagnosed during the teenage years.

Overall 76.4% of the HIV patients were diagnosed between 25 to 49 years of age, the most productive and reproductive years; and 69.7% of deaths were among this age group.

Sexual transmission accounted for 90.2% of the cases; 57.7% being heterosexual. There were four recorded cases of mother to child transmissions; the last case was in 2004.

SOURCE: Cayman Islands Public Health Department 30th November 2014

We have been asked to remind our readers of the ongoing free and confidential testing at public health clinics across the Islands, at Cayman AIDS Foundation and at the Red Cross.

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