August 2, 2021

Cayman Islands Heroes Day exhibition closes

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Lawrence & studentsThis year’s Heroes Day exhibition, which looked back at some of the history of local health services, closed Friday, 13 February 2015.

Launched at the old George Town Library on National Heroes Day, 26 January, the presentation showcased health services items used in the early 1900s.

Organized by the Bodden Town Heritage Committee, the show featured among other highlights a display of various home remedy ingredients, including aloe, dandelion, leaf of life and fever grass. Visitors were also able to see an old iron cot which was typically used by hospitals, a basin which doctors and nurses used to wash their hands during home visits, as well as a uniform worn by one of the first trained Caymanian public health nurses – Nurse Josie Solomon– who was also recognised for her contributions at the Heroes Day ceremony.

close up 2Bodden Town Heritage Committee member Ms Mary Lawrence says the exhibition sought to preserve the history of health services in the Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Islands National Museum, Health Services Authority and Cayman Islands National Archive provided narrative scripts for the artefacts.

old cotAmong other popular items was a replica of a shoebox, used to care for premature babies until as recently as the 1950’s, as well as photos of well-known doctors and nurses who contributed to the development of healthcare in the Cayman Islands. These included Ms Althea McLaughlin, Dr Sidney Ebanks, Nurse Beulah McLaughlin, Dr G. N. Overton, Dr William Hortor, Nurse Annie Kay Price, Dr Roy McTaggart, and Dr Edlin Merren, to name a few.

Students from Prospect, East End and Bodden Town Primary uniformSchools visited the library, where they heard from Mrs Lawrence about the history of the items. Teachers expect the young people to make use of the information in different areas of the school curriculum.

Acting Principal of Prospect Primary School Yvonne Lawe-Gonzales comments that, “The exhibit was an excellent opportunity for the students to learn about the progression of healthcare in the Cayman Islands.”

Coordinated by the Protocol Office, National Heroes Day takes place each year on the fourth Monday of January. Next year’s theme will focus on Agriculture.


Photo caption(s): taken by Charles Gilman

  1. Prospect Primary School students get a first-hand look at the displays.
  2. Old iron cot typically used by hospitals.
  3. Uniform worn by one of the first trained Caymanian public health nurses – Nurse Josie Solomon.
  4. Hon Mary Lawrence shares the history of healthcare with visiting students


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