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Cayman Islands government statement on coral reef damage at George Town Harbour by cargo ship

eden-rock-diving-centerStatement from the Ministry of Environment

Coral Reef Damage at George Town Harbour

The Cayman Islands Government, specifically the Ministry of Environment, is aware that an incident recently occurred within the George Town Harbour which has resulted in coral reef damage. The environment is Cayman’s most precious commodity, and a viable public asset that affects our way of life. Any purported damage to our natural resources is a matter of grave concern.

The Department of Environment’s assessment of the incident is still in the preliminary stages; and they will be surveying the damage in the coming days.

Once the true environmental impact of this incident is identified, the Ministry will be taking legal advice on the next course of action. The public can rest assured that arrangements are being made so that the responsible party can make restitution.


According to a report on CITN/Cayman27 on Friday (25) they said cargo ship “Saga” ran aground just before 6am offshore of Paradise restaurant and the Eden Rock dive site.

The Department of Environment told Cayman 27 the 100 meter, 2936 tonne cargo ship ‘Saga’ struck the reef as it was making its departure.

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IMAGE: Eden Rock Dining. TripAdvisor


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