October 19, 2021

Cayman Islands Government January’s Employee of the Month “Beyond the call of duty”

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DG Award Jan DG & ACAuxiliary Constable (AC) Curtis Ebanks is Cayman Islands Government January’s Employee of the Month for being Most Helpful, Professional and Courteous when executing his duties.
The Cayman Islands Government Employee of the Month Awards scheme was introduced in 2012 by the Deputy Governor Hon. Franz Manderson. The Deputy Governor’s Award Programme was developed as an internal award scheme to recognize civil servants who exceed our expectations.
For the past 11 years, AC Ebanks’ primary role with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has been Prisoner Transport Officer. When not engaged in those duties, he often assists the Courts in the same capacity.
Recently, AC Ebanks was acknowledged by Justice Charles Quinn for the role he played in bringing a difficult Grand Court case to a conclusion. The case was particularly sensitive and spanned three years.
“AC Ebanks epitomizes what a courteous officer should be. His ability to restrain detainees while still earning their respect — and all with a winning smile – is what AC Ebanks accomplishes daily, according to his supervisor, Inspector Everton Spence.
“AC Ebanks consistently and meticulously carries out his functions with vigor and pride. His work is by no means easy. He is tasked with dealing with individuals who are often less than cooperative. Yet, AC Ebanks demonstrates patience, tact, wisdom and firmness, and knows how to get the job done properly.
Mr. Ebanks also collected the Chief Officers’ Choice Award (COC) (January) for the Ministry of Home Affairs.  “Just being selected at the COC in itself an honor”, said Home Affairs Chief Officer Eric Bush. “We have over 1000 employees being recognized from that pool, which illustrates how stellar Mr. Ebanks’ performance was”.
“He consistently takes on assignments and goes beyond what is required.  In a recent incident, AC Ebanks, under immense pressure, stood firm and demonstrated the virtues of honesty, respect, integrity and professional that illustrates the RPCIP’s code of conduct,” Mr. Bush said.
AC Ebanks is builder of bridges, forming valuable partnerships with the Courts, Her Majesty Prison Service and the RCIPS, as well as other external agencies,” he added.
Police Commissioner David Baines said, “Curtis is an exceptional officer who is caring, compassionate and committed, and he serves the communities of these Cayman Islands to his best ability. I am delighted he is an officer of the RCIPS, and he reflects the professional selflessness that epitomizes all that is good in the Service that serves these Islands.”
Deputy Governor Hon. Franz Manderson praised AC Ebanks for being well-respect by both internal and external customers.
 “We can’t always pick our customers, but when we can rise above the circumstances and go the extra mile to treat each stakeholder we encounter with compassion and respect, that is where the magic happens,” Mr. Manderson said.
Mr. Manderson applauded Constable Ebanks’ handling of a difficult case, not just because of the duration, but because of the heartbreaking circumstances involved.
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