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Cayman Islands Government explores efficiencies with the CAYS Foundation

12322402Efforts are currently underway to analyse the efficiency and effectiveness of Government services for children and youth who have been remanded or court-ordered into its care.

The Ministry of Community Affairs, Youth and Sports (CAY&S) has released the results of their Strategic Assessment, which has received Cabinet approval to proceed with the development of an outline business case. Prepared as part of Government’s Project Future Programme, the Strategic Assessment contains an analysis of the Children and Youth Services (CAYS) Foundation; its operations and its interaction with other agencies.

More specifically, the Ministry was tasked with exploring whether there are potential efficiencies and synergies to be gained by either reintegrating the CAYS Foundation into the Department of Children and Family Services or with the services provided by the Department of Counselling Services. Similar proposals were originally highlighted in the Crime Reduction Strategy presented to the Legislative Assembly on behalf of the National Security Council in March 2011 and the Ernst & Young Report in September 2014.

In addition to exploring the implications of keeping the current system as is (the “Do Nothing” option), the Ministry recommended two additional viable options to be explored further in the outline business case phase. These are:

  1. Improve current processes, reduce duplications and rationalise service provision.
  2. Integrate the CAYS Foundation services into the Department of Counselling Services.

CAY&S Chief Officer, Dorine Whittaker, said “Through the Strategic Assessment of the CAYS Foundation, we have taken a critical look at our services. We have also identified potential options to help us strengthen this service in order to provide the best possible care for the children and young people. I am now looking forward to the findings of the outline business case and to overseeing implementation of the recommended solution”.

Minister of CAY&S, The Hon. Osbourne Bodden, added “The focus of this project on the CAYS Foundation is about making sure that we do our very best to help some of our most vulnerable children. This Strategic Assessment is an important first step by my Ministry towards having a plan for improvement that is strategic and robust”.

The Strategic Assessment is available for public viewing at


  1. The CAYS Foundation mandate is to (1) manage and operate youth rehabilitation and caring facilities; and (2) provide rehabilitation and youth development programmes for delinquent and at-risk children that will enhance their coping mechanisms and deal with the core issues.
  2. Project Future is a 5-year programme of Public Sector reform launched by the Premier and Deputy Governor in November 2015. An update on the overall Programme is available here:
  3. Project Future provides a framework for Ministries/Department to investigate and respond to priorities established by Cabinet, with the oversight and support of the Deputy Governor’s Office. The framework emphasises the use of business case tools and a formal project management methodology, to give projects the best chance for success.



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