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Cayman Islands’ Government Agencies Respond to Flooding Following Inclement Weather

The National Emergency Operations Centre has been partially activated, today Monday 10 June 2024, to provide coordinated and tactical relief to persons affected by flooding in Grand Cayman. Led by government emergency response and disaster relief agency, Hazard Management Cayman Islands (HMCI), officials from the Police, Coast Guard, Fire Service, Emergency Medical Services, Cadet Corps and Regiment are collaborating to ensure safe evacuations of low-lying areas.

The following roads have been closed to motorists: 

  • The Linford Pierson Highway (both eastbound and westbound lanes)  
  • Agnes Way 
  • East Boulevard (from its junction at Walkers Road) 
  • Windsor Park Road (from its junction at Walkers Road) 

The public is being urged to remain off the roads wherever possible to mitigate risks of accidents or vehicular damage.  

The Cayman Islands Red Cross on Huldah Avenue is currently open to receive persons requiring emergency shelter. A secondary shelter at the East End Civic Centre is to open at 1:30pm today, Monday 10 June. Medical responders will be on site to provide emergency care.

For official government updates, visit, and CIG social media channels.


Hazard Management Cayman Islands or HMCI is the coordinating agency during a major incident or disaster. We are responsible for organising the efforts of all local authorities and volunteers to respond effectively to a major threat or a disaster and to help ensure measures are in place to protect and preserve public safety, the economy and the environment of the Cayman Islands in a major incident.

Residents are reminded to register and install the National Emergency Notification System or NENS app. Visit for instructions.  



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