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Cayman Islands Fun in the Sun Pre-Competition Swim Mee

The third annual Fun in the Sun Pre-Competition Swim Meet was hosted by the Department of Sports on June 23rd, 2018.   Swimmers from on island Learn to Swim programs participated in the swim races.  The swim schools that participated included: iSwim Swim School, Darren Mew Swimming & Fitness and the Dept of Sports Swim School.

Coach Ryan Mushin, Dept of Sports, explained “This is the third year we have run this event and we had over 60 young swimmers participate at a non-team level”, he added “The kids swam all four strokes and a kick-board race. I’m happy to get everybody out here today and have a good time swimming”.

Coach Darren Mew, stated “This meet gives them an idea of what competitive swimming is like. All the kids have a big smile on their face and they’re having a blast, this is what we want to see”.

The swim meet was for for swimmers in the six years and under age category and seven and over year olds. Swimmers age ranged from five to ten years old. All swimmers received a certificate of participation for swimming in the event.

CIASA Director, Steve Broadbelt, added “CIASA would love to see every swim school in Cayman sign up for this event next year and give even more of our youngest swimmers a taste of competitive swimming”.


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