February 20, 2024

Cayman Islands: Foster’s Food Fair on Hurricane Irma

Over the last few days, we have watched Hurricane Irma develop into a category 5 hurricane, currently on a path heading north of Grand Cayman. Foster’s Food Fair Ltd. (Foster’s IGA, Priced Right, and Bay Market) would like to inform customers that we have sufficient supply of essential products on hand but due to irregular shopping patterns in preparations for a possible storm, some product shortages may occur in some instances. For example, we may not have all of your specific favorite flavor of peanut butter but we will have peanut butter. We will have milk but we may not have every variety.

We will continue to work to keep our shelves stocked and product available as best as possible. As Hurricane Irma moves toward Florida and they make their own preparations for this enormous storm our shipping patterns are very likely to be affected. We keep extra supplies on hand for these instances and should have most perishable essentials well into next week and non-perishable essentials further out than that. We will receive our normal shipment this weekend to restock. However, what we are not able to forecast with any certainty is what will happen next week once the storm reaches Florida. We are in constant discussions with the three carriers on their state of readiness before, during and after the storm and we will update the public as soon as we can with up to date information.

If there is a catastrophic hit on Miami we still have the option to fly in product at no extra cost to you. Also, Florida has ports in Port of Miami, Port Everglades, Riviera Beach, Tampa and Jacksonville. So, while there may be some disruption to service you should not panic as we will have options to restock our stores.

We urge residents to take the necessary precautions and steps to prepare ahead of time for what looks like it could be a busy hurricane season. View our Hurricane Preparedness Guide for a supplies checklist as well as tips on storm safety. (View the guide here)

For updates on the storm, changes in operating hours, product shortages due to increased demand and/or delayed transport due to Hurricane Irma and more, follow Foster’s IGA, Priced Right, and Bay Market on social media, email [email protected], or message us on Facebook Messenger @FostersIGA, @BayMarketCayman, or @PricedRightCayman.


IMAGE: Irma – Youtube

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