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Cayman Islands: Forward thinking creates moments of magic

The Department of Immigration’s Acting Finance Manager Shushan O’Connor is May’s Cayman Islands Government Employee of the Month.

Ms O’Connor received certificates and a cheque from Acting Governor Franz Manderson and Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration Chief Officer Wesley Howell yesterday (5 July) for creating an exceptional customer experience.

Seeing an opportunity to reduce stress and anxiety for customers, Ms O’Connor suggested opening Immigration’s main public counter doors at Elgin Avenue early so that customers could avoid having to wait outside and brave the elements.The first step of the Early Bird Programme started with just the doors opening at 7:30AM  on 14 May (instead of the traditional 8:30AM) so that customers would be out of the elements.

However, two days later, Ms O’Connor further enrolled staff members and managers to service the early bird customers when she observed that many Immigration counter staff were already at work at 7:30AM.

The change resulted in Immigration staff serving approximately 25 clients before 8:30. In fact, some 900 customers have taken advantage of the Early Bird Programme up to the end of June.

Mr Manderson praised Ms O’Connor and Department of Immigration managers for creating an atmosphere where staff are empowered to take ownership and put suggestions forward.

“Shushan’s innovative ideas have contributed to an enhanced customer experience which makes us all very proud. Your conduct, performance, strategies and skills are nothing short of exemplary and are deserving of recognition,” Mr Manderson added.

The Acting Governor continued, “Your suggestions are helping us achieve the vision of the 5-Year Strategic Plan of making the Civil Service world class, and they have made the difference in the lives of those we serve.”

Chief Officer Wesley Howell (seated at left, above) congratulated Ms O’Conner for her forward thinking. “Shushan is an amazing employee; she leads not because she has a title.  Shushan is able to inspire change in team members because she is customer-focused, committed, respectful, strong and positively influential. It is my pleasure to see her recognised.”

Acting Chief Immigration Officer Bruce Smith (pictured at left) also praised Shushan for taking ownership of the project by ensuring that the early opening of the front counter was successful.

“I am grateful for Shushan for taking full ownership of the project which has increased customer satisfaction as well as ensuring the staff would have the support they needed to serve their customers effectively. Well done Shushan.”



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