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Cayman Islands Football: Former players vie to replace Webb [Ramoon elected President]

cifa-logoFrom Sportsmax

Two former national representatives are set to battle for the post of Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) president, a post left vacant since the arrest of Jeffrey Webb.

The candidates, a former national team captain Lee Ramoon and Alfredo Whittaker, a goalkeeper, will be the only two to face the electorate on Saturday. 

Renard Moxam, who previously failed in an attempt to challenge for the vice-president position has decided not to contest the post.

The candidates have both promised a more transparent administration as it contests its first election for president in 20 years.

“The secrecy and lack of answers have to come to an end. This association is yours, is mine, is the country’s and as such I am willing to answer for every move, every penny and every question,” Ramoon told the Cayman Compass.

Whittaker believes the very fact that an election was being contested was already a big step in the right direction.

“Just by having elections we are making a step forward. We haven’t had an election for president in 20-something years. The clubs will have the opportunity to express how they really feel, who can take CIFA to a different standard.”

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UPDATE:  Lee Ramoon has been elected as the new CIFA president and Wendy Fisher as the deputy general secretary.


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