May 6, 2021

Cayman islands Faith Hospital staff to support smokers in quitting

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Faith Hospital staff support smokers to quitThe Public Health Department is excited to announce the training of staff at Faith Hospital in Cayman Brac to offer a routine Smoking Cessation Programme similar to what is offered at the Cayman Islands Hospital.

Scheduled to be offered twice per year beginning early next year, the programme “I Can Quit” will run for seven weeks on Wednesdays from 5:30pm to 6: 45 pm.

‘I Can Quit’ empowers smokers to quit the habit, and works in tandem with ongoing support from key healthcare providers.

“Smoking remains the Primary cause of pre mature death , preventable death and preventable ill health causing pain and misery to hundreds and thousands of families globally, the reality remains the same for us here in the Cayman islands and this places a huge health burden on health care and social services. The best way to address this concern is by investing in and supporting those in our community to stop smoking services. That being said, I am pleased that the staff at Faith Hospital is working to trial this new approach which has had great success in Grand Cayman” said Dr. Samuel Williams, Acting Medical Officer of Health.

Adding to this Dr. Onah Ezema Ngozi , General Practitioner who will lead the initiative at Faith Hospital said “We are very happy to have the support for this worthwhile initiative which aims to help residents in Cayman Brac make informed choices about smoking. Giving up smoking is by far extremely difficult but support is now available for those who would like to quit and are determined to do so”.

While initially the programme is scheduled to begin next year staff at Faith Hospital encourages all interested persons to get registered so that they can be offered appropriate support in the meantime.

For further Information, contact Dr. Onah Ezema Ngozi at Faith hospital on 948-2243

Photo caption (L to R): Dr. Onah – Ezema, Ngozi – GP; Ms. Rose Marie Bailey, Pharmacist; Mr. Dhal Seeram, Pharmacist; Ms.Dana Scott, Infection Control Officer; Ms. Therese Prehay, Health Promotion Officer; Nurse Paula Moore – Simpson, PHN; Nurse Elerius Ohcon, Behavioural Health; Dr. Samuel Williams, Acting Medical Officer of Health; Dr. Orette Thane, GP; Nurse Jose Salazar, RN


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