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Cayman Islands Elections Office trains Returning Officers

Returning Officers 2The Elections Office conducted its first training sessions for 19 Returning Officers as well as Deputies. They will each play vital roles from the nomination process for candidates to the return of the successful candidate after votes are cast and counted during the General Elections on 24 May 2017.

The training on Monday, 2 May and Thursday, 12 May 2016 was part of the Elections Office’s ongoing preparatory work. It was moved forward to May 2016 from the traditional date of January/February 2017, to ensure that the returning officers and deputies are able to mobilise in the event of an early election.

Mr Orrett Connor speaksPostal Mellisa speaksTraining for officers on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman is scheduled to take place in the near future on the Brac.

At the training at the Elections Office, Supervisor of Elections Wesley Howell, Deputy Supervisor Sheena Glasgow, former Deputy Supervisor Orrett Connor and experienced Returning Officer, and now trainer, Delano Solomon provided an introduction to the roles, tasks and responsibilities that the returning officers and deputies face in the election process.

Additionally, they also received a presentation from Deputy Postmaster General Melissa Martinez-Ebanks about the Postal Service’s Express Mail Service (EMS) that will replace registered mail for the sending and receipt of postal ballots for the first time during General Elections in the Cayman Islands.

The returning officers are responsible for the conduct of the elections in the 19 electoral constituencies in which they are appointed by the Governor for the coming elections, the trainees learnt.

Supervisor Howell speaksDelano Solomon 2“This is a very responsible position and entails a considerable amount of preparation, including the provision of vast amounts of paraphernalia as well as thousands of hours of planning and implementation, involving hundreds of officers,” Supervisor Howell emphasised.

All their responsibilities are outlined in the Elections Law, which is awaiting the LA’s approval for proposed significant amendments because of the change from 6 Electoral Districts to 19 Single Member Constituencies.

Mainly, the officers are accountable for all Nominations Day proceedings including receipt of all nominations, for issuing, receiving and the count of postal ballots as well as for the conduct of the elections on 24 May 2017 until the end when the candidates are declared as winners in each constituency.

Postal ballot presentationThe trainees are:

  • Omar Mclean
  • Dale Ramoon
  • McFarlane Conolly
  • Haroon Pandohie
  • Richard Smith
  • Tristan Hydes
  • Tamara Hurlston
  • Kim Bullings
  • Michael Nixon
  • Annikki Brown
  • Philip Barnes
  • Ann Kirchman
  • Antoinette Johnson
  • Lynne Whittaker
  • Ronnie Dunn
  • Philip Jackson
  • Melinda Montemayor
  • Tamara Ebanks
  • Lyneth Monteith
  • Jane Ebanks
  • Salome Henry
  • Judith Witter
  • Mark Tibbetts and
  • Dave Tatum.

For all details about the coming elections including the responsibilities and role of returning officers, visit the Elections Office website at; or

 Photo captions Photos by Bina Mani, GIS:

Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell outlines the duties of returning officers and deputies at a training session at the Elections Office on Smith Road.

Deputy Supervisor Sheena Glasgow addresses the trainees.

Former Deputy Supervisor of Elections Orrett Connor speaks.

Trainer Delano Solomon explains the nomination process.

Returning officers and deputies at the training session

Deputy Postmaster General Melissa Martinez-Ebanks explains about the Postal Service’s Express Mail Service (EMS).

 For the official Cayman Islands Government web portal,




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