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Cayman Islands Drug Council offers free bus for revellers tonight (Dec 31/Jan1)

Purple Ribbon Bus 2009The National Drug Council (NDC) is pleased to announce that the Purple Ribbon Bus service will run today, New Year’s Eve, 31st December 2014 from 9pm to 4am. We would like to extend our greatest gratitude for the generous financial support of Health City Cayman, Jacques Scott Group Ltd. and Cayman National Bank.

This year marks fourteen (14) years since the inception of the programme, a partnership between the NDC, local businesses, organizations and individuals. Over the years, thousands of partygoers have utilized the free bus service on New Year’s Eve. This service was established with the aim of reducing the number of drink driving incidents on our roads during this festive holiday.

We know that many of our residents and visitors make every effort to drink responsibly or designate a driver. However, there are still many people who remain confident in their abilities to drink and then drive safely, regardless of the evidence and information available which clearly indicates the negative impacts of drinking and driving. Alcohol affects your judgment, depth perception as well as vital motor skills, all which are required to drive safely. It is very easy to think you are driving normally when truly you are not!!

Drinking and driving destroys lives, can lead to arrest and imprisonment, loss of your driver’s license, and can ultimately be responsible for taking someone else’s life if not your own.

The NDC is strongly encouraging residents and visitors alike to utilize the Purple Ribbon Buses this New Year’s Eve. There will be approximately six buses from Reid’s Premier Tours running a regular route from West Bay to George Town on New Year’s Eve between the hours of 9:00 pm and 4:00 am with intermittent travel available to the Eastern Districts of Bodden Town, East End and North Side. Persons who are interested in using this service should look for the buses from Reid’s Premier Tours with the Purple Ribbons on the front. The buses will pick up passengers at all major restaurants, bars and nightclubs, or at regular bus stops on the route. If you see a bus approaching and you have not made it to a major restaurant, bar or bus stop, please feel free to signal the driver for a pick up.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to “Mr. Charles Jennings and Mr. Julian Reddyhough” as well as the “DART Group” who did come forward to underwrite the full cost of this service, and although were not able to support us this year we do look forward to partnering with you in 2015 as we work to strengthen this community based programme. We encourage others to support the NDC and help ensure not only safe and happy holiday season each year, but also safer communities. As we look forward to celebrating the holidays with our family and friends our celebrations should not include drinking and driving!! Please plan ahead and ensure you have a safe ride home. Remember that preventing drinking and driving is everyone’s business and we all need to play our role.

“On behalf of the National Drug Council, I wish to again extend our appreciation to our sponsors of the 2014 Purple Ribbon Bus Service, Health City Cayman, Jacques Scott Group Limited and Cayman National Bank. I would like to encourage each of you to take advantage of this opportunity to ensure you arrive home safely. The NDC wishes you a SAFE and Happy New Year!”

Purple Ribbon Bus 2009


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