February 6, 2023

Cayman Islands Dressage Season kicks off

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jardae-barnes-riding-austinFrom CIEF

The Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation kicked off its National Dressage Series this past weekend with its first show of the season. The Series consists of four Dressage shows that are held between November and May, which culminate in the naming of Season Champions in various categories at the CIEF’s annual awards dinner in June.

Cindy Canace, a senior judge from the United States judged the show which was held at the Equestrian Center in the morning and then finished at the Cayman Riding School in the afternoon. Ms. Canace, who judged the CIEF’s third National Dressage Show last year, said she was impressed with the progress that Cayman’s riders have made in just a short time.

jessica-mctaggart-giuzio-on-loris-7Lara Humphries riding her pony, Storm, was named the Junior High Point Winner, and Tracey Surrey, riding her horse Dusty, was named the Adult High Point Winner.

Sunday’s horse show welcomed many new faces to the CIEF competition arena, including younger riders Jardae Barnes, Zahra Dinspel-Powell, Olivia Ziemniak, Siena van Dam, Megan Duval and Clara Byrne, as well as adults, Stephanie Lloyd, Paula Daniels and Eve van den Bol. The largest class of the day was the B Test for junior riders followed by Training Level Test 3 for Adults, which had a record nine adult riders, the most ever in a CIEF adult class, which reflects the growing number of adults on the island returning to equestrian sport.

lara-humphries-riding-stormClass Winners in order of decreasing difficulty were:

Third Level Test 3                 Jessica McTaggart-Giuzio riding Loris 7

Second Level Test 3                         Mary Alberga riding Partenon

Second Level Test 2                         Alexandra Bodden riding Relation

Second Level Test 1             Tracey Surrey riding Dusty

First Level Test 3 (adult)     Anja van Genderen riding Joey

First Level Test 2 (adult)     Tracey Surrey riding Dusty

tracey-surrey-riding-dustyFirst Level Test 2 (junior)    Abbey Swartz riding Blue Ridge Dream On

First Level Test 1 (adult)     Eve van den Bol riding Whindlass

First Level Test 1 (junior)    Abbey Swartz riding Blue Ridge Dream On

Training Level Test 3 (adult)          Jessica McTaggart-Giuzio riding Moon Lady

Training Level Test 3 (junior)         Lara Humphries riding Storm

Training Level Test 2 (adult)          Milly Serpell riding Sunday’s Edition

Training Level Test 2 (junior)         Kayla Mannisto riding Pony Up

Training Level Test 1 (adult)          Madeleine Aquart riding Nala

Training Level Test 1 (junior)         Lara Humphries riding Storm

USDF C Test (junior)             Zahra Dinspel-Powell riding Lucyanna

USDF B Test (junior)                        Jardae Barnes riding Austin

The CIEF event calendar is available on its website, www.ciefcay.com. The CIEF will be holding its next jumping show on January 15th at the Cayman Riding School located on Hirst Road with a start time of 8:00am. As always, spectators are welcome and the admission is free.

By CIEF Staff

Photo Captions:

Jardae Barnes riding Austin to victory in the USDF B Test
Jessica McTaggart-Guizio is aiming her horse, Loris 7, for the 2018 CAC Games
Lara Humphries won two classes and was named Junior High Point rider on her pony, Storm
Tracey Surrey and her horse, Dusty, were named the Adult High Point winner
Photo credit for the photos of Lara and Jessica:  Joanna Humphries
Photo credit for the photos of Tracey and Jardae:  Sean Slattery
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