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Cayman Islands: DPSC rollout of new radio system functions

Business Wire

WHO:                               Department of Public Safety Communications (DPSC)

WHAT:                             Official opening of the new West Bay radio bunker and rollout of the new Public Safety Radio Communication System

WHEN:                            Wednesday, 13 February 2019 at 1 – 2 p.m.

WHERE:                          Off of West Church Street, West Bay (Across from West Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church)

Participants:                  Minister for Home Affairs, Hon. Tara Rivers; Director of DPSC, Julian Lewis; other Government dignitaries, Ministry and DPSC leaders and representatives with public safety partners.

Background:                 The Cayman Islands is now home to the most modern radio system for public safety and emergency communication in the Caribbean. The upgrade from the existing Public Safety Radio System to the new Motorola P25 Public Safety Radio System will integrate all public safety radio users on a common platform to enable greater interoperability and inter-agency collaboration. The mission-critical radio system, its infrastructure and accompanying accessories have been installed at various locations across all three Islands. The West Bay radio bunker is one of three new radio frequency sites where the equipment has been implemented. This event will serve as the official opening of the new site, as well as the rollout of the new Public Safety Radio Communication System.



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