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Cayman Islands DoE advisory on Green Iguana cull procedures

25 October, 2018

The 2018/19 Green Iguana Cull Project will begin on Monday, 29 October and the Department of Environment (DoE) would like to issue a few reminders to those who are participating in the cull, as well as to offer some advice to the general public regarding cull procedures.

Green Iguana cullers who have registered with the DoE may drop off their kills to a designated area in the George Town Landfill between 8am and 6pm Monday through Saturday. No Green Iguanas will be accepted before or after those times and no iguanas will be accepted at all prior to 29 October at 8am. If a culler has not registered with the DoE beforehand, or does not have their ‘cull card’ that was issued the week of 15-19 October, they will not receive payment.

The DoE anticipates that a large number of cullers will be arriving at the landfill site shortly after 8am Monday, 29 October to deliver their Green Iguanas. We strongly advise that cullers may wish to delay their drop-offs until later in the week to avoid extremely lengthy wait times.

The cull registration cards carried by Green Iguana cullers do not give the card-holders permission to enter anyone’s private property, nor do they allow cullers to carry firearms. Permission to enter private property must be given by the property owner and permission to use an air rifle during the cull is done via a Royal Cayman Islands Police licensing process. More information regarding cull procedures for the benefit of the general public has been included in this advisory under separate cover.

Cullers must not treat Green Iguanas inhumanely. Advice on how to cull the reptiles has been provided to registered cullers by the DoE. Inhumane treatment of an animal is an offence under the Cayman Islands Animals Law and cullers may have to forfeit their registration if they, or any person culling for them, are seen abusing Green Iguanas or violating other Cayman laws.

For any additional questions about the 2018/19 Green Iguana Cull Project, please contact the Department of Environment by phone at 949-8469 or email us at [email protected]. -30-

Photo Caption: An example of a DoE-issued Green Iguana culler card is attached. The actual card would show the name of the culler, or the person, or business, the culler is working with.


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