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Cayman Islands Department of Tourism Senior Development Officer Alma McKenzie retires

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, 24 Oct 2017 – Ms. Alma McKenzie, Senior Tourism Training and Development Officer for the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, has retired after 27 years of dedicated service focusing on the development of youth and infusion of tourism education into the schools’ curriculum.

In honour of her service, a luncheon was held at the Grand Old House to commemorate her legacy. Congratulating and wishing Ms. Alma a lengthy and satisfying retirement was the Hon. Franz Manderson, Deputy Governor and Head of the Civil Service; Hon. David Wight, MLA, Councillor for the Ministry Tourism; Stran Bodden, Chief Officer, Ministry of Tourism; and Mrs. Rosa Harris, Director of Tourism, along with the management and staff of the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism.

At the National Heroes Day celebration in January 2017, Ms. McKenzie received an early pioneer of tourism award. Ms Alma has worked with many Caymanians in the education system and broader tourism industry through her work at DOT and supported their pursuit of tourism careers.

Caption1: Department of Tourism management and staff including Stran Bodden, Chief Officer, Ministry of Tourism and the Hon. David Wight, MLA, Councillor, Ministry of Tourism, gathered to wish Ms. Alma McKenzie congratulations on her retirement.

Caption 2: Ms. Alma McKenzie receives a plaque from the Hon. Franz Manderson, Deputy Governor, commemorating her retirement and 27 years of service.



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