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Cayman Islands Customs say “No recent seizure of sex toys”

From Cayman Islands Customs Dept.

As a result of multiple media enquiries concerning the seizure of sex toys by Customs Officers, the Collector of Customs Charles Clifford has stated that upon his personal review of the matter, he has determined that there were no recent seizures of sex toys from Reflections Store.

However, Mr. Clifford confirmed that earlier this year Customs Officers detained some items from the Reflections Store because they suspected that they were sex toys and that an offence may have been committed under section 157 of the Penal Code. Mr. Clifford said, “The Customs officers’ suspicion was based on their research concerning the particular product.”

The Collector continued, “I have reviewed that matter and have concluded that there is simply not enough evidence to justify a referral to the Director of Public Prosecutions. Consequently, I have instructed that the items be returned to the Reflections Store and provided appropriate advice to my officers on the matter.  I have also spoken to the proprietor of Reflections concerning the matter and suggested to him that he take legal advice on section 157 of the Penal Code to ensure that none of his future imports give rise to any issues under that section of the law.”

Mr. Clifford said that he had been asked by the media for his view on whether the importation, possession and distribution of sex toys should continue to be an offence under the law. He said, “The issue is not our primary focus as Customs Officers. It is a policy issue for the government to consider.”


IMAGE: Countries where sex toys are banned


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