January 23, 2022

Cayman Islands college students provide consultation for small-business owners

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student consultingFor the eighth consecutive year, a number of small-business owners are getting free consultations from University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) business students.

This year’s entrepreneurs, who are members of the Cayman Islands Small Business Association (CISBA), are Ms Nina Squires (Beach Bubbles Cayman), Ms Dawn McLean-Sawney (Arbutus Galley), and Mr Omar Chambers (Link International Group Ltd).

Cayman National Bank (CNB) is again sponsoring the programme, which started 23

February, by covering expenses incurred by the students as part of their consultancy. The student consultancy programme is a joint initiative between UCCI and the Ministry of Commerce, said the Ministry’s Deputy Chief Officer Tamara Ebanks.

‘Previously, it was a partnership between UCCI, and the Department of Commerce and

Investment (DCI)’, she noted. ‘However, in July last year, DCI increased its focus on licensing and regulating small business, and the Ministry became responsible for small business development.

‘The Ministry is happy to continue the programme to increase the practical application of entrepreneurial education, and together with UCCI, we thank CNB for its sponsorship’, she said.

For the eight-week consultancy, the business owners have been matched with students who are enrolled in UCCI’s upper-level Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management course.

As she has for the past eight years, UCCI senior lecturer Annette Murphy is guiding the student consultancy teams. She said assessments by Ministry and UCCI programme facilitators on the quality of the students’ consultations will be considered as part of students’ final course grades.

Student Catherine Welds said she hoped to perform well in the programme.

‘I’ve always been interested in running my own business, and doing this course will allow me to really get into what it takes to be successful’, she said.


IMAGE: Credit to Matthew Yates, Ministry of Commerce. Photo Caption: A number of businesses and students are taking part in the programme.

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