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Cayman Islands’ College 46th Commencement

The International College of the Cayman Islands held its 46th commencement ceremony late last month, to celebrate the Class of 2018.

At the Feb. 21 ceremony, held at the Kimpton Seafire resort, the college honored its 17 Master’s, Bachelor’s and Associate Degree candidates.

President and CEO of Caribbean Utilities Company, Richard Hew, shared his own personal journey to success; one that was built on obtaining a solid education, working hard, and living within one’s means, in his keynote address.

Presiding over his second graduation ceremony at ICCI, President Byron Coon was joined on the platform by President Emerita Dr. Elsa Cummings; chairman of the ICCI board of trustees, Wayne McManus; Deputy Governor and Head of the Cayman Islands Civil Service, Franz Manderson; Leader of the Opposition Ezzard Miller; Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Newlands MLA Alva Suckoo, and Deirdre Carmola, who brought congratulatory remarks on behalf of the Education Minister Juliana O’Connor-Connolly.

The student speaker for the Class of 2018 was Sharmori Richardson, past Student Council president, Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society Member and Cum Laude Academic Honoree. Mr. Richardson, who also won the James Manoah Bodden Memorial Award for Volunteerism, shared highlights of his tenure at the college, and how ICCI had honed his skills as a professional and advocate for his fellow colleagues.

Class of 2018

The ICCI degree candidates of the International College of the Cayman Islands Class of 2018 are:

Master of Science in Management, Human Resource Concentration: Dena Loretta Ebanks-Iqbal (Sigma Beta Delta Honoree) and Julio Cesar Ramos-Zelaya (Sigma Beta Delta Honoree);

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Madelyn Michell Ortiz Ochoa and Jeoffery Kevin Walton (Sigma Beta Delta Honoree, Cum Laude);

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting Concentration: Sharmori Selvin Richardson (Sigma Beta Delta Honoree, Cum Laude);

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance Concentration: Desiree Patricia Lawson;

Associate of Science in Business: Lisbeth Gratereaux-Alvarez, Kady Marisa Hydes, Nadia Vanessa Martinez-Ebanks, Chelsea Rankin, and Shanice Ashlee Walton;

Associate of Science in Business, Accounting Concentration: Nacelia Anthonette Hull, Stephanie McLaughlin, Lisa Annmarie Royal, and Mariah Webb;

Associate of Science in General Studies: Dominic Adan de Mercado and Kimberley Brianne Wood.

According to the college, 11 of the 17 members of the Class of 2018 are employed as of today, and five out of the six remaining students are returning to ICCI to continue with a higher degree.

President Coon closed the commencement ceremony with praise for the 2018 graduating class, saying, “You’re our shining hope and inspiring reality that will take the Cayman Islands into the future. You came to ICCI with dreams about your future and you began to realize your highest and most noble aspirations. You came to ICCI determined to excel academically, to grow personally, and hone your social skills. You did not disappoint.”


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