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Cayman Islands Chamber leaders meet with Hong Kong General Chamber to forge a working relationship

Chamber President, Paul Byles and Chief Executive Officer, Wil Pineau met with representatives of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce during their trip to Hong Kong last month.

The pair were in Hong Kong to attend the GREAT Festival of Innovation, a four-day conference, alongside a Cayman Islands delegation that included the Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin and Minister of Commerce the Hon. Joseph ‘Joey’ Hew.

During their first days in the Far East, Mr. Byles and Mr. Pineau met with Mr. Thomas Wong, Chairman of the Americas Committee at the Hong Kong General Chamber, to discuss the business services they offer and to discuss future partnerships.

“China is developing at an incredibly fast rate, and Hong Kong is a central hub for this innovation and growth,” said President Paul Byles.

“It was imperative for us that we met with Mr. Wong and other representatives of the Hong Kong General Chamber so that we could gain more insight into the services and practices they offer, and how the Cayman Islands could later incorporate some of these processes to grow our economy,” he added.

The session proved to be informative for both Mr. Byles and Mr. Pineau, as Mr. Wong informed them that many Cayman Islands exempted companies have long been the vehicle of choice for listings on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The pair will maintain contact with the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and the Americas Committee to discuss future collaborations.



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