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Cayman Islands Chamber Council seeks answers on cruise berthing/cargo expansion proposal

From Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce

The Council has written to the Ministry of Tourism seeking answers to several questions regarding the proposed cruise berthing facility design, estimated cost, financing model, cruise passenger spending calculations, environmental impact, carrying capacity and the plan to address business interruption during the construction phase of the proposed infrastructure project.

These questions arose following a meeting with the Tourism Minister the Hon. Moses Kirkconnell and Chief Officer Stran Bodden on 8th August at the Chamber. “As you can appreciate, there is a significant level of interest from our membership about the project.

Several members are requesting additional information before they feel comfortable supporting what will become possibly the largest infrastructure project in the history of our Islands,” the Council wrote in its 6th September letter.

Key questions cited in the letter:

Cost of the design: Are you in a position to provide us with what the new costs will be to construct this revised design and the redevelopment of the cargo pier?

Financing the project: Are you in a position to provide more specific detail about the financing of the project, including the estimated 25-year repayment period?

Business interruption: What plans are being considered to address the reduced volume of cruise ship passengers during the building phase and how, if at all, will this reduction impact the funding model for the project? What plans are being put in place to address any expected interruptions that will negatively impact the commercial part cargo operations during the construction period?

Passenger spending: Please provide more details on how the Ministry arrived as the per passenger spending estimates and why one million passengers was used for the spending figures instead of the current 1.7 million passengers?

Environmental impact: What is the plan to address the increase in cruise passengers on the impact on infrastructure and environment in the medium to long term? (sewage, roads, environment)

Carrying capacity: What plans are being considered by Government to address the level of growth and the impact on the existing infrastructure of George Town to ensure that overcrowding does not negatively impact the visitor experience? Does the plan include any other infrastructure improvements to the Spotts landing or West Bay?

The Council strongly encouraged the Ministry to release additional updated information as soon as they are able. By taking this approach, the Council felt this will help to address the many issues and concerns that are being expressed publicly.


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