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Cayman Islands: Camana Bay Corporate League results

With the Camana Bay Corporate volleyball championships in sight, there was a lot at stake as the four teams warmed up for the semifinal matches on Wednesday, April 10th. At this stage in the league all the teams had already played each other once, so the teams knew the key players to watch out for going into the semis.

The whistle blew at 6:30 pm signaling the start of the two semifinal matches: PWC versus KPMG and Wheaton Precious Metals versus Maples A. KPMG’s heavy hitter, Davison Ruwende, came out swinging in the first set, and his three kills and two service aces were instrumental in securing the 25-6 lead over PWC in the first set. The second set wasn’t an easy feat, and PWC made KPMG fight for every single point. In the end KPMG narrowly clinched the lead with a score of 25-23. While KPMG was busy annihilating PWC from the running of the corporate league finals, Maples A and Wheaton Precious Metals battled it out on court 2. As the underdogs, Wheaton Precious Metals knew they had nothing to lose, so they decided to give it their all. Despite their best efforts Wheaton Precious Metals, fell short by three points losing 25-22. Maples A attack was not a force to be reckoned with, with David Bakker leading his team in 7 kills and 6 aces, and Kevin Solomon following suit with 3 kills and 2 aces. Wheaton Precious Metals was desperate for a third set, but they didn’t manage to make that a reality when they lost the second set 25-18.

At 7:30 the teams from the bottom bracket took to the court. Maples Legal Eagles and Dart A had long winded rallies in their first set, but it was Maples Legal Eagles that emerged victorious with a 25-20 lead. The momentum from the first set helped carry them through the second set as they annhiliated Dart A 25-14. Maples B wasn’t as lucky as their colleagues on the legal team as they got beat in two straight sets by Dart B, 25-17 and 25-12.

You won’t want to miss the action this Wednesday at the Arc in Camana Bay, with KPMG scheduled to take on the reigning champions, Maples A, at 7:30 pm. Wheaton Precious Metals and PWC will hash it out for third and fourth place.


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