March 7, 2021

Cayman Islands Anti-Corruption Commission on Confiscation Hearing – Canover Watson

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On 4 February 2016 Canover Watson was convicted by a jury of his peers of the following five counts:
1. Two counts of Conspiracy to Defraud contrary to Common Law;
2. One count of Conflict of Interest contrary to sections 19(2) and 19(3) Anti-Corruption Law 2008;
3. One count of Fraud on the Government contrary to section 11(1)(c) Anti-Corruption Law 2008; and
4. One count of Breach of Trust contrary to section 13 Anti-Corruption Law, 2008.
These charges related to Mr. Watson’s involvement in the CarePay Scheme whilst he served as Chairman of the Health Services Board between 1st August 2010 and 31st December 2013. Following his conviction, Mr. Watson was sentenced to serve seven years on each of the first two counts and three years on the remaining counts. The terms, however, were ordered to run concurrently.
On 19 and 23 January 2018 a confiscation hearing was held in the Grand Court. A decision was handed down by Justice Marlene Carter on 23 January 2018 that the level of benefit of both Mr. Watson and Mr. Webb was CI$5.5 million.
On 1 February 2018 Justice Carter handed down a Confiscation Order for CI$925,995.58 to be paid by Mr. Watson within 6 months or default imprisonment of 6 months.
IMAGE: Canover Watson Inside World Football
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