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Cayman Islands Alumni Chapter stages concert for scholarships

The Cayman Chapter of the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) staged a fundraising gospel concert, dubbed “Salvashan Story, Jamaican Style,” on Saturday night (12 August, 2017) at the John Gray High School auditorium. NCU is an Adventist tertiary level institution located in Mandeville, Jamaica.

This is the second fundraiser by the two-year-old local alumni chapter. The first scholarship is anticipated to be available for the 2018/19 academic year.

The recent concert marked the 55th anniversary of Jamaica’s independence, and was attended by the Honorary Vice Consul for Jamaica in the Cayman Islands Mrs. Elaine Harris and Consular Office Gail Bell. The Honorary Consul Dr. Joseph Marzouca was regrettably unable to attend due to conflicting engagements. NCU is located in Jamaica and a large constituency of church and association members have Jamaican roots and connections.

The concert featured a musical drama performed by the alumni chapter choir and directed by the organisation’s VP for Social and Cultural Affairs Georgia Isaacs. The play was narrated by Mr. Robert Lynch. The evening’s production was adapted from a play written by Pastor Derek Bignall, a former president of the then-West Indies Union Conference (known as Jamaica Union Conference since 2010).

In the programme’s first half preceding the Salvashan Story play, individual gospel songs were presented by Dr. O’Neil Duncan, Mr. Sheldon Hylton, and the Williams Quartet (Plus One). In addition, Mr. Nicholas Swaby and his sister Krystle Ebanks, and the Sign Language Group performed. The Berea Praise and Worship Team led the audience in a sing along as a prelude to the evening’s programme.

In brief remarks at the concert, Chapter President Patricia Ebanks noted the close relationship with the Jamaica Consulate shared by both the Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and the Cayman alumni chapter.

Ms Ebanks recounted a number of instances of collaboration between the Jamaica Consulate, the Conference, and the association, and added: “We are pleased that the alumni association can enjoy a similarly close relationship with the Consulate, as evidenced by the presence of representatives here this evening.”

During her remarks, Ms Ebanks announced a policy change by the Cayman Chapter’s executive committee that would allow scholarship grants to non-Caymanian residents with close Cayman connections. She said, however, that the Conference would continue prioritising Caymanian applicants.

Ms Ebanks announced that the next major concert was being planned for December 2018.

The concert’s food sale was made possible by contributions by a number of individuals, including members of the association’s sub-committees, and various businesses. Business contributors included Foster’s Food Fair and Le Bleu Water Company.


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