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Cayman Islands air arrivals continue up – cruise ship arrivals continue down

DCF 1.0The latest tourism figures from the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism show a continued rise in air tourist visitors.

The figures continue a trend of improving arrival numbers for 2013. With the exception of May, every month this year has seen the highest arrival figures since at least 2001.

However, apart from October cruise ship passenger arrivals continue their downward trend with June being the worst month down nearly 32% compared to 2012. The latest figures show the best month was November with 118,360 visitors compared to 132,465 in 2012 a decrease of 10.6%.

Cayman Islands Nov. Air Tourist Arrivals Rise 10.4% Y/y

Following is a summary table for the Cayman Islands November tourist visitors statistics from the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism:

Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 3.01.04 PM


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