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Cayman Islands Academy student wins laptop from Cayman Finance

At the recent Cayman Academy Career Fair, a year 8 student received an HP Pavillion Notebook from Cayman Finance CEO, Jude Scott, as a prize for correctly answering a quiz on the Cayman Islands’ financial services industry.

The fair was held at the University College of the Cayman Islands on Friday, November 17th and included students from Cayman Academy, UCCI and CIFEC, totaling more than three hundred attendees.

Cayman Academy student DeAndre Parris was the first randomly selected student to have answered all the questions on the quiz correctly.

“Doing the quiz taught me new things about the financial services industry, such as the many careers available for me within it,” Ms Parris said. “Thank you to Cayman Finance for offering this opportunity.”

“Cayman Finance is always pleased to teach Cayman’s younger generations about the financial services industry and encourage them to access the opportunities it presents them with,” Mr Scott said.
“We hope that DeAndre and the other students will retain this information going forward.”

“There were many students who performed well on the quiz, so Cayman Finance would like to congratulate them as well,” Mr Scott said.

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Photo Caption: DeAndre Parris accepts laptop from Cayman Finance CEO, Jude Scott.


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