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Cayman Island Government Flag Protocols for National Mourning Period 8-20 September 2022

Flags to be flown

Only the Cayman Islands flag and the Union Jack are to be flown during this period. All other non-official flags are not to be raised again until 20 September 2022. If a flag pole will be left empty because a non-official flag would typically be flown on it, an additional Union Jack may be flown on it.

Schedule for raising and lowering of flags:

Flags should be raised/half-masted per the schedule below and lowered at sunset each day.

11 Sept: raise the flags at sunrise to full-mast and bring them to half-mast at 9:30am, not before.

If the flags are desired to be flown overnight they must be brightly illuminated with proper lighting, such as that of a spotlight and must strictly adhere to any changes required at sunrise per the schedule above. If this is not possible, do not fly the flags overnight.

In the event of severe weather, the flags are to be taken down, but immediately raised/half-masted again once the weather has passed.

Handling of flags:

Flags are to be handled with the utmost care and must never touch the ground. Flags should be hoisted briskly and lowered ceremoniously.

How to place a flag at half-mast:

Raise the flag to the normal flying position, then lower to one third below the normal flying position. Flags flown in the same place should be half-masted at the same time. If you have a flagpole that is not vertical (it is angled), flags cannot be flown at half-mast and the flagpole should be left empty.


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