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Cayman: Honouring Women Month urges community and leaders to #EmbraceEquity

Grand Cayman, Monday, 27 February 2023–   The month of March will mark the 24th anniversary of Honouring Women Month (HWM) in the Cayman Islands.  The Family Resource Centre (FRC), one of the units under the Department of Counselling Services (DCS), has been a proponent of HWM and has led on the monthly celebrations that highlight women’s accomplishments while addressing gender-specific issues affecting them.

Included in the various HWM events and celebrations organised by the FRC is the celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) on the 8th of March. “This years’ International Women’s Day theme, #EmbraceEquity, emphasises the importance of each of us actively embracing equity in our own spheres of influence,” explains Minister for Health and Wellness, Hon. Sabrina Turner, MP.  “It challenges us to solidify this concept in a very tangible and concrete way by stressing that equity isn’t something that is simply “nice-to-have”; rather equity is a must-have.”

The 2023 campaign theme seeks to help forge a national conversation about this important issue and its impact.  “The question of equity is one that impacts all facets of life,” explains FRC Clinical Supervisor, Charmaine Miller. “In fact, the question of equity begins before one is even born, which is why the FRC continues to ensure that key services, including our Young Parent Services, remain available to young parents in our community.”

The FRC reports that while local statistics indicate that there has been a slight decline in the number of reported teen pregnancies, it also shows an increase in repeat pregnancies throughout the years. Over the past three years, 35 young parents and 36 of their children ages 0-4 have accessed the FRC’s Young Parent Services (YPS).

“The expenditures attached to this programme have continuously increased due to added stressors and limited opportunities, such as those created by the COVID-19 pandemic. This population experiences multiple barriers for success that include poverty, unemployment, lack of transportation, childcare, health care, and inability to access professional development and  education,” Mrs Miller adds.

Thus, as part of its HWM events, the FRC will be fundraising for its Young Parents Services in an effort to ensure that young mothers between the ages of 13-25 can continue to access their services.  Funds raised during the month of March will provide sponsorship for those clients in need of educational and employability training, transportation support, and childcare in order to improve their circumstances and promote efforts of equity for success.

In addition to joining the Family Resource Centre on the step of the Government Administration Building with Dress for a Cause on Friday March 3rd at 9:00am, the FRC’s HWM schedule of activities is as follows:
IWD Breakfast – March 10th | 8:30 | Kimpton
No Two Paths Alike: Understanding Identity in Women’s’ Equity
Every individual walks a path in life that is uniquely their own. In this session, participants will gain a common understanding of equity while examining the concepts of marginality and privilege through an intersectional lens. Participants will reflect on their own power and privilege as they pertain to various identities and social locations and consider how these elements shape experiences for themselves and others. The session will highlight the unique journeys of women of various intersecting identities within Cayman and the ways in which individuals can practice empathy, inclusion, and equity in their personal and professional interactions with women in their spaces. Tickets are available at KYD 50.00 per person with table discounts available. To register, email [email protected].

Setting the Stage for Equity– March 13th | 12pm – 2:30pm | TBD
In this session, professionals and leaders from the public and private sector will gain clarity regarding the differences between diversity, inclusion, and equity and the ways they can unfold in our organizations and communities. Through discussion and self-reflection, participants will examine the concepts of oppression, privilege and intersectionality in order to broaden perspectives and understand the compounding and interconnected nature of oppression as it unfolds for both staff and community members. Strategies for translating this knowledge into practical action will also be discussed.  Pre-registration is required as spaces are limited.

STEM Girls Camp – March 25th | 9am – 3pm | Cayman Robotics 345
An interactive camp aimed at empowering girls ages 8-15 to be passionate about the STEM field. With the continued partnership with 345 Robotics, this will be the 4th STEM Girls Camp. There is no pre-requisite or experience necessary. Registration is free and spaces will be limited.

Colour Me Purple 5K Walk/Run – March 26th | 6:30 am | 7 Mile Beach
Colour Me Purple 5K Fun Walk/Run, like all other Honouring Women’s Month events acts as a fundraiser to support the young mothers accessing clinical preventative and intervention services at the FRC.

For more information, email [email protected] or contact 949-0006.


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