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Cayman: Haines and Burcombe to tackle ‘Hardest Trek in Europe’

  • Derek & Mike arrived in Corsica on 5th June to spectacular scenery and hot weather, and signs of snow at the top of the mountains they’d be trekking across. They spent the day getting acclimated, packing their kit, and hearing tales of hikers who have attempted the GR20 and not completed Day 1. 
  • They began their hike on 6th June. First day was brutal. Within the 1st hour, they’d climbed 1,000 ft and by the end they’d ascended about 4,000 ft! 
  • Since 6th June, they’ve been trekking for 9-12 hours every day. They’ve faced steep climbs, large boulders, and valleys carved out in the last ice age. They report that the mountains are beautiful, but unforgiving if you lose concentration.  
  • The days have been long and arduous. Most days they are too tired to send an update. They need all the encouragement they can get from the Cayman community and encourage the public and corporate groups to donate to Jubilate to support the future leaders of Cayman.  

About the Trek: The GR20 is a 125-mile trail that follows the backbone of mountains that divide the island of Corsica in two, many of which soar above 6,500 feet altitude. With its dramatic gorges and rocky hillsides, this trail is popular with advanced hikers and deemed the hardest trek in Europe. It will take approximately 15 days to complete (6th – 21st June). 

About Jubilate: Jubilate is an after-school programme that teaches less advantaged children from the Eastern public schools various life skills through music. There are currently 70+ children, aged 8-15, from 8 public schools in Jubilate. 

How to Donate: Complete a Pledge Card at Make your donation to the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman. Instructions attached. 

Social Media: Facebook (Jubilate Cayman), Instagram (@JubilateCayman) 

Video Updates: 

Hiking for Harmony Update – 7 June 

Hiking for Harmony Update – 12 June 


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