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Cayman: Government responds to Auditor General’s latest report

Deputy Governor, Hon. Franz Manderson

he Cayman Islands Government acknowledges the latest report from the Office of the Auditor General (OAG): Follow-up on past PAC recommendations 2022 – Report 3

The report, which can be viewed at,

follows the OAG’s February 2022 report. It is the next in a series of reports the OAG prepares to follow up on the recommendations made in the Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) reports tabled since September 2018.

The OAG in the latest report has updated progress in implementing 29 recommendations outlined in two previous PAC reports: Workforce Planning and Management in the Cayman Islands Government (tabled in the PAC in April 2018, comprising 16 recommendations) and Efficiency of Summary Courts (November 2019, comprising 13 recommendations)

Of the Auditor General’s recommendations regarding the Workforce Planning report, Government has fully implemented 19% with 69% partly implemented or action planned, earning an amber assessment for overall progress. Of the Summary Courts report, 23% have been implemented fully and 38% are in the process of being implemented.

The report also acknowledges the positive progress being made with the tabling of Government Minutes, under the leadership of the Deputy Governor and Head of the Civil Service, Franz Manderson: “It is pleasing to note the positive impact of the Deputy Governor’s commitment,” Auditor General Sue Winspear has stated. Since the report, on 9 October, 2022, 3 additional Government Minutes have been tabled.

Commenting on the latest OAG findings, the Deputy Governor expressed that he was pleased with the recommendations actioned on. He also noted that his office will continue working with relevant Chief Officers in ministries to ensure Government’s responses to the OAG reports tabled improve in timeliness and quality.

The Deputy Governor acknowledged: “Good governance and the efficient conducting of government business inform and guide all the actions we undertake in the Civil Service. We also take the recommendations of the Auditor General seriously and are unwavering in our commitment to translating them into action. This is despite challenges such as the critical response to the COVID1-19 pandemic, with its effect on all aspects of government activities. Our goal continues to remain providing improved services and operations so the public gets the best value for money spent.”



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