July 6, 2020

Cayman: GIS Notices


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Cayman: This Month’s International Men’s Day Event Schedule

The Family Resource Centre invites boys and men to attend the following events to celebrate the annual International Men’s Day observance (Tuesday, 19 November 2019):

Men’s Shed Workshop – Saturday, 23 November, A.L. Thompsons, 9 a.m. – 11a.m.  a chance for men and boys to interact. The event will provide a safe, friendly and inclusive environment where participants can gather and/or work on projects at their own pace & in their own time.

Men & Boys Basketball Tournament – Saturday, 30 November, John Gray High School Gymnasium, 11a.m. –The intergenerational competition will feature mixed teams and encourage camaraderie, fun and healthy interaction. Booths of agencies supporting men’s well-being will also be on display to further raise awareness of health issues.

 For more information and to sign up for the Men’s Shed Workshop and Men & Boys Basketball Tournament, contact the FRC at 949-0006, or visit -> www.frc.ky

Cayman: Digitally Distracted – Parenting in the Age of Technology Workshop

The Family Resource Centre (FRC) is facilitating its lunch and learn series – “Digitally Distracted: Parenting in the Age of Technology” workshop – every Tuesday, 12 noon– 1 p.m., 19th November to 10th December 2019.

The sessions are at the FRC’s new offices in Apollo House West, 87 Mary Street, 2nd Floor. Bring a partner, bring a friend, all are welcome.

To register, call 949-0006 or visit frc.gov.ky.


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